Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cayets Cabin Private Resort in Pansol, Laguna

It’s just like walking in your Grandma’s old room with a Balinese inspired environment. Located within the famous hot spring resorts capital of the Philippines in Pansol, Cala,ba City, Laguna. Overlooking the scenic and legendary Mount Makiling. Cayet’s Cabin Private Resort is a highly recommended getaway place where friends and/or families can truly enjoy a weekday or weekend pleasure. Whether you would like to spend your daytime or a night out with some luxury that is memorable enough.

The resort has six (6) airconditioned cabin rooms with either a queen-size bed or two (2) double-size beds. Each room can accommodate 3 to 4 persons. There’s also a dorm-type room that can fit in up to 8 persons. Its all complete with its own toilet and bath, a cable TV, and a 2-seater table. Whether you would like to have the airconditioning on, or just open the windows or the sliding door leading to the terrace patio, and let the cool breeze fan you.

Outside is a big adult swimming pool that is 4 – 6 feet deep and a knee-high kiddie pool for the little ones. The locality is famous for its lukewarm water, surely once you dip yourself in the pool you wouldn’t want to get out anymore. This is just perfect for those underwater selfies which me and my friends did.

There is a spacious garage, and lots and lots of flowers and fauna everywhere. You might really wonder how the designers/landscapers have put together everything and turn it into a beauty that is pleasing to the eyes.

But if you want a little quiet time, there are several seating areas where you can prefer to read your favorite book.

And on top of it all, when families and friends gather together, what they would like to do best? Eat . . . eat . . . indulge with your “baon” of cooked food or do some cooking and broiling here. The kitchen is equipped with cooking stove, cookwares and utensils. How about those steamed veggies with “alamang”, barbecue and “inihaw” belly complete with tomatoes and diced mango, what a feast!

Just beside is a sitting couch that is perfect for a short nap. And you might want to visit this awesome room. The interior is really delightful, I would like to nap here as well, ha! Ha! Ha!

Or forget that nap because everyone else is enjoying their turn at the videoke and sing with their heart out. Or wiggle your hips with the latest dance craze via the x-box.

Me and my little boy had a great time spent with our dear friends.

So if you’re planning your summer getaway, or for any occasion you may reserve Cayet’s Cabin now.

Tel. no. +63(49)5456513
Mobile nos. 0922-8614904; 0932-8527878; 0917-3277878; 0917-6307878; 0917-5537878
Look for sir Boyet or Ms. Carina

Important note: Leave your gadegets at home and just stay offline while you’re here. Just bring your camera with you for those endless selfies and pure fun.