Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Support P&G Promo Packs and Help Schoolchildren get a Laptop

Last December 2, 2011 I was able to witness the launching of the Procter & Gamble e.Studyante Program at the Manuel L. Quezon Elementary School in Tondo, Manila.

So what is this program all about? This is an e-learning advocacy program of P&G Philippines in partnership with Smart Communications, Inc and the Synergeia Foundation.  It will provide beneficiary school children with child-friendly laptops from the One Laptop per Child (OPLC) Association and internet connectivity from Smart.  Students therefore can enjoy a self-discover a wider world of knowledge that helps them be more competitive in the future.
 But why laptop? Accordingly, "laptop" has aspirational value compared to giving the students their traditional needs such as "paper and pens".  Computer or laptop will bring everything to the future. Laptops will give them aspiration to go to school everyday, other than the functional effects for students and parents, "may puso, may excitement". Our kids deserve the best, so why not give them the best.
As consumers how can we share our support in this advocacy? that is by simply buying specially marked P&G promo packs available nationwide.  You can save up to 40% on your favorite P&G products and contribute to making students' eduation more engaging and fun through laptops and the internet.
Participating P&G brands include Safeguard, Tide, Pampers, Downy, Ariel, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Joy, Rejoice, Olay, Glette, Vicks and Ambi-Pur.

To find out more about the e.Studyante program, visit the e.Studyante facebook  page.

The Pinay Mommies Community supports the e.Studyante program and we were there to take part in the event.
About Procter & Gamble:  four billion times a day, P&G brands touch the lives of people around the world.  the company has one of the strongest portfolios of trusted quality, leadership brands, including Pampers, Tide, Ariel, always, Whisper, Pantene, Mach3, Bounty, Dawn, Pringles, Folgers, Charmin, Downy, Lenor, Iams, Crest, Oral-B, Actonel, Duracell, Olay, Head & Shoulders, Wella, Gillette and Braun.  The P&G Community consists of over 135,000 employees working in over 80 countries worldwide.  In 2010, they celebrated 75 years of operations in the Philippines.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

TOMS Give Fair

Be part of an early Christmas Celebration! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Help a child become an “e.Studyante” with P&G promo packs

School children in the Philippines face many challenges; sometimes, even the simple walk to school in the morning can be an arduous journey.  Students cross rivers, traverse mountain peaks, even go through battlegrounds just to go to school. And when they arrive, they are faced with meager resources – overcrowded classrooms, the lack of books and school supplies – which all make for an uninspiring learning environment.

That is why starting on its 76th year, Procter and Gamble (P&G) Philippines is setting out to make these students’ journey more worthwhile. Taking its commitment to education to the next level, P&G will provide technology and connectivity to Filipino students nationwide with its e.Studyante program.

Along with partner Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart)  and Synergeia Foundation, the e.Studyante program will provide kids from selected schools with an XO Laptop from the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Association. The XO laptop is a rugged, low-power, connected laptop especially designed to make learning more engaging and more fun for students.

Students can use their laptops not just to learn but to share and connect with each other, with their communities and with the world - helping them all become an “e.Studyante.”

The goal is simple:  Give out 1,000,000 laptops in time for P&G’s 100th year.  And you can help.

“For children all over the country, the challenge of education begins even before they step into the classroom. Some have to wake up at the crack of dawn and walk miles through unpaved roads, through woods and rivers, just to get to school. We are doing this for these students. We want to make this journey worthwhile for them by giving them the tool that will place the world’s knowledge at their fingertips – through a laptop and internet connectivity,” said Chad Sotelo, e.Studyante Country Marketing Manager.   

“But it’s not something we can do alone,” Sotelo added.  “To help us reach our goal of 1,000,000 students, we would like to invite moms all over the country to support the e.Studyante program by buying P&G promo packs.”

Through the “e.Studyante” program, you can help give a child a laptop by buying specially marked P&G promo packs available nationwide. You not only save up to 40% on your favorite P&G products but you also help provide a child with a world of educational materials and fun activities that will inspire them to learn and achieve even more. 

Participating brands include Safeguard, Tide, Pampers, Downy, Ariel, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Joy, Rejoice, Whisper, Olay, Gillette, Vicks and Ambi-Pur.

Helping those in need has never been easier. You can help make each child’s journey to school more worthwhile. Support the e.Studyante program and help gift each student with a brighter future! Isang laptop, mas malawak na kaalaman, mas magandang bukas.

“Pinay Mommies Community supports the P&G e.Studyante Program”

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Smart Parenting Meet and Greet

 I am an avid reader of the Smart Parenting magazine and frequents a lot their website.  Basically because as a first time mom, its where I am getting most of the essential parenting tips I need. Yesterday afternoon was spent with other mommies and blogger friends at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel for the Smart Parenting Meet and Greet Event.
I am indeed one of the lucky moms who was given an invitation.
The foods served are all yummy!!! Of course, I like the dessert part best of all.
The beautiful Miss Mia Fausto-Cruz, Editor-in-chief of SP magazine welcomed everyone.   
Ms. Aileen Santos, a Relationship Coach talks on "How to Raise Successful and Happier Kids with the Power of your WORDS".  According to her, words are so powerful such we should avoid using negative words to our children because it will stick to their mind and might carry it forever that will characterized them as a failure. The information she shared were so informative, and yes I felt guilty that I am one of those at times uses negative words to my son when he is naughty.  Now I know its not late yet to retract everything.

She also shared a study done by Marau Emoto and his water crystals experiment.  The results are really awesome. 
photos taken from the web
The highlight of the program is wherein mommies were grouped together with some SP staff for a 45-minute Focus Group Discussion, the aim of which is to solicit insights on what we would like to see more on the magazine and the website.  I think the given time was so short because our group's discussion was so enlightening.  All the mommies seated at our table gave a lot of suggestions and wonderful comments. It was also an opportunity to know more the powerful women behind this magazine.  As well as be acquainted with other mommy participants.

I am also glad to see again my mommy friends from PMC.  Took time to pose together at the event wall.
 L-R, Me, Mauie, Levy and Pehpot. (photo courtesy of Pehpot)

And thank you again SP for your gifts.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pinay Mommies Community 2nd Grand EB: Sharing what we got!

All I can say is, "IT WAS GRAND".  Last Saturday, 23rd November 2011, 48 mommies from all over the Philippines and some from abroad came to gather at an afternoon we will always keep on remembering and ponder a lot.  For many of us, we met for the first time.  Even though, it seems we knew each other very well because we often talk online.  Yes, we are virtual mommy friends sharing the common passion of blogging  and being devoted mommies to our children and wives to our dear husband.
Enjoying the food served by Aling Tonya's Restaurant located at Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City, where we held our Grand EB.
 Next day we even made it on the local newspaper (People's Tonight).
The event became more successful with the help of our dear sponsors. Every moms went home with a smile and gifts galore.

The last part of the gathering was the token exchange among us mommies and it was all fun.  Sharing what we have prepared for each and everyone.  I went home with all of these. 
Thank you dear mommies. Proud to be PMC!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dolan for Faster Fever Relief

What makes us mommies worries a lot? Most of the time it is when our child is sick or not feeling well. Yesterday morning, my little boy woke up with a fever.  I am having difficulty giving him medicine because the same with other kids he does not like the taste of meds even it is fruit-flavored. So I knew I am into another battle.  Indeed my guess was right! After so many arguments, whether I will use a teaspoon or cup dispenser, to drink water first or right after.  But anyway, to my surprise it was a success.  

Guess what? this time I gave him another brand, not the usual I am giving him when he has fever.  Got this from the PMC event, I won a Unilab gift pack containing Dolan drops, suspension, digital thermometer, soft pillow, backpack, and pencils with very cute tops. 

I gave Ivan the Dolan FP-Forte, then he told me "thank you mommy, just give me this one always and I will drink it".  I am so happy, more so, after less than an hour his fever subside and no more throughout the day.  He is back in his normal "kakulitan".  I need to remind him not to play so much because he might get sick again.  

The Dolan FP Forte Suspension, is an orange-colored and orange-flavored suspensions using the TasteRite Technology. TasteRite technology is a unique tastemasking system developed specifically for liquid dosage forms. This technology significantly reduces the bitterness of medicine so that children taste the flavor and not the medicine.
Thank you Dolan for making my son trust me when it comes to fever relief.  Now no more battles and long arguments.  But hopefully, my son will no longer have recurring fever.  I knew it might just be due to the current weather changes where it is now getting colder especially during late afternoon and at night.

For more details on Unilab products visit them on Facebook.        
major sponsors_dolan

Drypers and Mommy Giay at PMC Event!

A big thanks to Drypers for being one of the many sponsors during the Pinay Mommies Community (PMC) 2nd Grand EB held last November 22, 2011. I am indeed one of the lucky moms who won their giveaway.  
2011-11-22 PMC Grand EB Photoscaped (41)
 I came to know Drypers, back in Brunei Darussalam when we were there for our vacation.  My brand is not available in any of their stores and Drypers is one of those I tried. After which I made a switch because it is just perfect for my choice.

My preferences in choosing diapers: 1) 100% breathable cloth-like cover, helps in keeping baby’s skin cool and fresh. 2) fragrance-free, my son has asthma symptoms and the doctor inhibits him from any fragrances 3) stretchable waist-band, which hugs baby’s waist for a better fit 4) absorbent layer, draws wetness away from baby’s skin. 
 Other than the Drypers packs, I also got Libresse napkins and pantyliners, SCA notebook, Drypers notepad and pen.  And, there's a McDonalds GC worth 1,000 pesos.  

Mommies are encouraged the join the Drypers Community.  You may also like them on Facebook.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ivan's Hand Print: Kids in Doodles

Last summer I enrolled Ivan in a toddler class.  It is a home-based school  located just inside the village, almost walking distance from home.  But since my little boy is so lazy about walking and of course it will tire him a lot, we just bring his push bike.  At least mommy giay  will likewise not get tired carrying him.

The toddler class lasted for a month and it was indeed a successful one.  Ivan almost mastered the colors and shapes and everyday became an exciting day for him going to class.  This also prepared him for regular school.

This is his very first art work.  Teacher Belle, helped him make his own hand print on a piece of paper.  Actually he was so tickled and giggling a lot while the water paint was being put on his palms.  Finally here it is!!!
My entry for this meme, Kids in Doodles.

Monday, November 21, 2011

PMC tokens

I am excited to attend the 2nd PMC GEB tomorrow.  I'll be meeting up with other mommy bloggers, and I prepared tokens for each and everyone.
I'll be giving out Coco Natur organic soap, a product that is  naturally processed using pure organic Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) and therefore can do wonders for the skin.  The VCO originates from the top coconut producing area of  San Pablo City, Laguna.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Motherlove Giveaway from "Chronicles of a Nursing Mom"

Get a chance to win Motherlove products from  Hatch and Latch. Motherlove was founded a little over 20 years ago and is dedicated to "crafting only the finest, purest products, and using certified organic ingredients designed to nurture, soothe and heal women on their all-important journey of nurturing life.

 If you wanted to join, visit the contest page.  Giveaway ends on November 24, 2011.

Pink Friday # 96: Cheshire Cat

A character from one of the famous fairytale "Alice in Wonderland", the Cheshire Cat.

The Cheshire Cat is the cat of the Duchess. Alice meets it when she leaves the Duchess house, and finds it in a tree. It constantly grins and can disappear and reappear whenever it likes. Sometimes it disappears and leaves its grin behind.

My entry to this week's "Pink Friday" meme. Click here to link up.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

LJS Annual Bodega Sale 2011

Happening today until November 13, 2011.  
Check this out mommies!!!
Chef's Classics by SUNNEX HK, Goody, Philips AVENT and Aprica Products will ALL be up to 60% OFF in our Bodega Sale this November 10-13, 2011! See you there!! :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Adventures in Mir-Dor Forest at SM City Calamba

A weekend full of fun, learning and adventure.  My little boy Ivan attended this event at SM City Calamba.
There are different booths where kids can explore, coloring materials such as crayons, pens and drawings are all provided.

There are lots and lots of items on sale such as children's books, crayons, art materials, pens, coloring books.

And for kids to be able to participate and join in the game activities, you just need to make a purchase worth P150.00 from any of the booths within the event area.


 All kids who participated in the activity game were given a loot bag containing children books and art materials.
The Mir-Dor activity will also happen soon at the following SM malls.
November 10 - 13: SM San Pablo & SM Dasmarinas
November 17 - 20: SM Bacoor & SM Novaliches.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And so it is Measles!

My little boy Ivan had some rashes which began about a week ago.  It started as little red spots on his tummy and his back which I just assumed as simple prickly heat.  After another three days, Friday last week he had high fever 39 degrees Celsius, just in time after a stressful school activity.  It was their 3-day sportsfest and he also joined the search for Little Mr. Sportsfest.  Another assumption that he got tired from about a week-long daily practice for the contest, har!har!

Anyway, next day we visited his pediatrician for some peace of mind, final diagnosis was congested tonsil.  He was prescribed with antibiotics (which I hate so much) and paracetamol, in case the fever came back.  Nothing was said about his red spots.
After another two days, it was monday morning, he woke up with some more red spots appearing on his face and arms, just a few of them.  I thought they were just insect bites because yesterday I allowed him to play freely since he had no more fever.

But then again, a fearful mom in me, suspecting it might be dengue.  We went to the hospital for the Dengue NS 1 Antigen test, and the result was negative.  So it isn't dengue at all, thanks!

But waking up this morning, the red spots has spread almost all over his face, body, arms and legs.  It wasn't itchy at all because I didn't see Ivan scratching.

Again, another trip to the hospital.  The lady doctor on duty at the emergency room said she can't make any final diagnosis because she is not sure what it was.  Well, calming myself that she's maybe a new doctor.  We waited for an agonizing two (2) hours for the senior doctor to come and give the final diagnosis. During those waiting hours at the hospital ER, Ivan was already having tantrums and making fuss about going to the mall.  Yes, even he's feeling a little bad, going to the mall is always a priority for him.

Finally, I was told my little boy has MEASLES.

So what is measles?  According to the World Health Organization, measles is a highly contagious, serious disease caused by a virus in the paramyxovirus family. The measles virus normally grows in the cells that line the back of the throat and lungs. Measles is a human disease and is not known to occur in animals. 

Ivan had measles vaccine when he was one-year old.  Accordingly, vaccine does not guarantee 100% being-free from disease health condition like this one.  Nevertheless, the doctor assured me as well that today's, strain are less contagious especially when vaccine was administered. I was advised to put my son in proper isolation so as not to afflict other kids.  Drinking lots of water is also necessary, as well as taking vitamin supplements to increase his immune system (whew! this is the hardest part for now, Ivan doesn't want to take any medicines).  

Hopefully, Ivan will have speed recovery.  He was so sad because I told him he needs to stay indoors for several days until his rashes totally disappears.  That means, he can't play with his cousins, he was in tears and it was a heartbreaking moment for mommy giay.

Super Mom

In an Ascof event held at SM Calamba last August 27 - 28, 2011, I nominated our dearest mother and she indeed won.
Prize for my mom is P20,000 cash and I also won P3,000 as nominator. We are now awaiting call from the organizer when the prize money will be available.

By the way, it makes our mom one of the finalist for "Ascof Mother of the Year" wherein bigger prize money is at stake  P50,000 and P7,000 for the nominator. Crossing our fingers now.  

Indeed we are so proud of her winning this contest, more than the reward money is the acknowledgment and wishes from our friends and relatives that our mother truly deserves this recognition.

Treats for a Day

Yesterday, I went out with my little boy Ivan to attend a Trick or Treat activity.  Initially, we planned to join the activity at SM City Calamba but knowing there are lots of other kids who will be joining there we end up joining the activities at Waltermart Calamba where it is less chaotic since there are lesser kids attending.

To be able to join the Waltermart Trick or Treat Activity, a P500 worth of purchase from the supermarket or from any of its tenant is necessary to secure a registration.  So, I just decided to purchase a Bonakid 1.6kg pack worth P680.00.

But I got really surprised because with my purchase came along lots of freebies.

The milk pack I bought comes with a FREE raincoat.  
 Actually I bought one of this pack before, the one with FREE shirt.

Next freebie I got is a cinema pass.  According to the sales staff, every purchase of participating Wyeth products entitles a customer to this cinema pass which is valid until December 23, 2011 at Waltermart Cinema.
 Next freebie is an Aqiva powdered milk drink (400g) worth P379.00.
Lastly, Ivan was able to join the trick or treat activity.  All kids were given a WM lootbacg containing candies and some small toys.  They were also given a list of participating stores to visit wherein more treats await them.  Ivan's pumpkin bag was then overflowing with the loots he got.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

WIN Free T-Shirt

Tatak Lokal will be giving away THREE customized shirts with the URL of your blog as the print!
 Check out here for mechanics.