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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wow! Legs . . . Secret to Healthy Legs

"Wow! Legs!" it is a common remarks especially coming from a man in admiration to a woman's nice shapely and fair-skinned legs. A beautiful legs provide aesthetic value to a person's personality more so for women. 

But did you know that there is something more beyond those legs? In a study conducted among 4,000 women in four different countries in Europe, results revealed that nearly 25% of women experience leg pain.  Among them, 16% did not consult anyone about their problem and another 14% spoke to friends and family rather than their doctor.

Leg problems possibly connotes an early warning sign of progressive vein disease called Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI). If left ignored, this condition can have a significant impact on the legs' function, thus affecting one's mobility. CVI is a condition wherein leg veins are already weak and damaged, preventing them from pumping blood back to the heart. This is a problem more common among women than men.  Appearance of varicose veins is also caused by risk factors such as heredity, age, weight, pregnancy and prolonged sitting and/or standing.

This is especially true even among us Filipinas.  Most of us do not bother to address any of our leg issues which signify some of our misconceptions and lack of understanding about vein conditions.

But here is the good news! Boehringer Ingelheim (Phil.), Inc. recently introduced the first and only anti-varicose supplement for the Philippine market. Antistax, is made with natural red vine leaf extract, which is known to contain a unique ingredient called bio-active Flaven.  The red vine leaf extract is made from a special variety of grape leaves which are carefully harvested and processed to ensure that the bio-active Flaven content is the same for each tablet. It acts by repairing and protecting the vein walls to fight against the damaging process of this vein disease. 

To celebrate this launch in the Philippines, Boehringer Ingelheim commissioned five Filipina photographers, Mau Aguasin, Sofia Genato, Shaira Luna, Ria Regino, and Sara Black to showcase photos that capture gorgeous legs of women in various shapes, sizes and situations.

With Antistax, women will no longer have to worry about experiencing leg pains and problems. This will result to women with more active self as they engage to live with a healthier and beautiful legs.

Antistax is available in all leading pharmaceuticals and drugstores nationwide. No approved therapeutic claims.

You may visit their Facebook Page and learn more about how to have that "wow, legs!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Agri-Farm Tour in Batangas

It was a sunny morning, thanks the rain which had been bothering me for days had totally stopped.  Today, with my little boy Ivan we headed to Batangas for a road trip with no one else but the TRTs, hooray!

Our first stop is the rabbit farm located in Padre Garcia, Batangas.  The Robby Rabbitry (MoCa Farm) Farm own by Miss Gigi Morris and his American husband, which they managed along with their two little boys is an advocate of  promoting to raise farm-grown rabbits.

The farm houses almost 200 heads of organic-fed rabbits, and they supply rabbit meat to several restaurants in Metro Manila.  Rabbit meat isn't yet a popular delicacy in the Philippines and still classified as exotic food. But mind you nothing to scare with eating rabbit meat, it is as delicious and tasty as chicken meat, more so if they are organic grown.

We had real fun cuddling the rabbits, they are so cutey and their furs are so smooth.  How I wish we can immediately take home those rabbits and let them jump on our bed, LOL. Ivan was not even afraid holding pretty Princess, the female rabbit. Most of the rabbits have their own names and the Morris kids really knew and recognizes each of them by heart.  So its more than farming, its just like having a household of pets.

Other than rabbit, the farm has pigs, chicken, turkeys, fishes (tilapia), earthworms (imagine that!) and I've tried holding those earthly creatures.  These are being cultured for soil production which are being used to nourish their herbs and vegetables.

As we go around and spending more time in the farm, I come to think and grasp the idea that Miss Gigi Morris is trying to convey, "going back to the basic".  In here, the animals are fed with their self-grown plants thus minimize the use of chemical feeds nor vaccines.  The plants are grown without the need for fertilizers nor pesticides.

I think, this is what I would like to do also on my retirement years when little Ivan has fully grown up and on his own way. With a small piece of land,which we now have in the province, I can take care of some animals and grow some plants as well.

Well, this is it! The Rabbit Robbitry Farm also offers "Weekend Family Package Tour".  This is where the whole family can stay and experience farm living.  They have quarters fully furnished with beds and beddings. Minus the airconditioner, you can get real fresh air just by opening the windows.  The room is very comfy because the walls are made from "sawali" with "nipa" roofings.  The time we were there, there was supposed to be a food demo activity which we missed because most of us opted to relax on these beds and eventually fall asleep.

They also have a "tree house" which the kids like my little boy enjoys going up and down, a mini basketball court, a wooden swing hanging on a tree and their very own deep well.

Beach resorts are just a few minutes away, so if you are done and tired with your farm adventure you can escape and head to the nearest one.

We were welcomed with "blue ternate" and "roselle" drinks.  These are local drinks made from fresh edible flowers. For our morning snack, we also had "suman tamales" and ripe mangoes. 

For lunch, nothing but rabbit meat.  Its my first time to eat a rabbit and honestly it was not a nasty experience, its just like eating chicken. We had "blue rice", the rice washings are dipped with the blue flowers, thus the name.

After our siesta, we headed to our next farm adventure, this time its an spicy one.

View more photos of our agri-farm tour HERE.

Visit The Rabbit Robbitry Farm on Facebook for more exciting farm updates.
email: staff
contact no. 0919-4790566

How to get there: MoCa Farm (The Rabbit Robbitry) is located in Brgy. Castillo, Padre Garcia, Batangas.  Take SLEX all the way to STAR - exit Lipa.  Take P. Torres St. (this is the only tricky part because of some rerouting in Lipa) all the way to intersection going to Rosario and Tiaong. Turn left and take the one going to Tiaong (Batangas/Quezon Road).  When you reach Brgy. Castillo - on your right, keep an eye for the Generoso Trading (ricemill).  Afterwhich, there is a small waiting shed, turn right. Take that road, 500 meters away you'll find a small farm with several mango trees.

From Laguna, you can take the Maharlika Road to Tiaong, Quezon and take the road to San Antonio/Lipa. Padre Garcia is the next town after San Antonio, if coming from Tiaong.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Medicard-Metafit Fitness Boot Camp

Medicard Philippines,one of the leading health maintenance organizations, represented by Dr. Nicky Montoya, officially signed and joined hands with METAfit founder and famous Sports and Fitness Science Specialist, Coach Jim Saret to create the Medicard-Metafit Fitness Boot Camp. Present in the contract signing last February 7, 2013  were Ms. Kate Cruz-Joaquin, Medicard Philippines Marketing Manager; and Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition finalists and METAfit coaches, Raffy Tan and Hazel Chua.

“We (at Medicard Philippines) are trying to be pro-active in promoting health…” shares Dr. Montoya, President of Medicard Phillipines. “Here’s a real program where we ask our members to join; that should promote a more active and healthy lifestyle.”

“If you have the nutrition, the exercise and the psychological motivation, putting that together, it fits into what we are trying to promote.” Dr. Montoya further expounds.

In fact, Coach Jim Saret believes that the Medicard-METAfit Fitness Boot Camp is the first of its kind when it comes to fitness programs. “It’s a really good match to have the physical with the medical side, for any fitness and wellness program of any person… METAfit together with Medicard is the first one to offer all components of a total health and wellness.”

METAfit and Medicard Philippines are known in the country to help Filipinos reach their health goals, whether to lose weight or to be medically healthy. Before the partnership, these two industry movers are doing great works on their own, but they felt there was something lacking. Coach Jim couldn’t agree more, “It’s a perfect combination for a METAfit program because we are providing the physical, the motivational and the nutritional program but what’s missing basically is the medical side of this.”

The 12-session program is designed to cater to all types of individuals and fitness backgrounds. The idea of the program is to acquaint participants with basic work-outs; and depending on their capacity and determination, they will progress to more advanced routines until they graduate. Fitness goals will also be laid down, however, as Coach Jim states, participants should not be worried as he, and his team will support them every step of the way, under the medical care of Medicard. Coach Jim guarantees that at the end of the course, many would be surprised by their own bodies’ capabilities.

Joining the METAfit team are Raffy Tan and Hazel Chua. They will work as motivators and facilitators of the boot camp with Coach Jim’s lead.

The sold-out Medicard-METAfit Fitness Boot Camp will start on February 25, 2013 at the Medicard Lifestyle Center in Paseo De Roxas corner Buendia, Makati City. Medicard members, as well as non-members who signed up for the boot camp couldn’t wait any longer; they are very excited and looking forward to maximizing their body’s potentials.

Not even on its first session yet, many are already inquiring about the next boot camp. With that, the team behind the Medicard-METAfit Boot Camp couldn’t wait to get started… for sure; people can expect many more boot camps in the near future!

For inquiries and added information, please visit the Medicard Philippines website at

Friday, February 15, 2013

Boba Baby Carrier Double Opp

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March 1st-15th AND March 16th-31st

Two chances to win! Boba Baby Carrier (RV $125+)

Free Twitter with announcement post.

Expo Kid 2013: Year 5

Come to the ultimate summer activity fair - EXPO Kid 2013.  Get ready for a fun yet productive summer that will showcase all the possibilities for your kids!

  • major interactive activity areas for kids where they can try out crafting stations from CraftMNL
  • check out the fun learning modules on
  • music, arts and sports activities from Kids Klub as well as Crayola
  • an onstage program with talks, demos and performances by Julie Borromeo Performing Arts, New York Musical Theater Lab, My Talent, the Philippine Gymnastics Academy, Kindermusik
  • shopping bazaar, Mommy Mundo's trademark Mompreneur market where you can shop for the coolest mom, baby and kid stuff featuring more than 40+ booths onsite

Expo kid is made possible by Mommy Mundo co-presentors, Craft MNL, Kids Klub Philippines; supported by Cycles Mild Laundry Detergent for Babies, Cradle; media partners Manila Bulletin, Sense and Style, Working Mom Magazine, Smartparenting Magazine, Style Weekend, Lifestyle Network, Crossover105.1, Mommy Pages and Urban.

The event is open to the public with a minimal entrance fee of 20 pesos per person, which will benefit MomShare outreach projects. 

Event date: March 2, 2013
Venue: 500 Shaw Events Pavilion, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines across Goldilocks Shaw)

PRE-REGISTER to get FREE ENTRANCE and an Expo Kid Giveaway.
To register, email or call (02)570-7827.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Precious Moments with TRT Ladies

Earlier I had a pre-Valentine simple celebration with some Roadtripper ladies.  We headed to my dreamt place, the Precious Moments Showroom.

I've always been eyeing to visit this restaurant before. The venue is just along the way where the provincial buses enroute to the south passes-by (where I live).  What's more attractive than this not little Precious Moments statue that greets you at the entrance.  Also, I've already heard and read many more beautiful stories about it as you get inside accordingly.

Wow! so when I was invited to join the group, I really can't hesitate the idea and went to the metro (one of my favorite things to do, for some shopping as well - real roadtripper a.k.a "lakwatsera" in me).

Precious Moments was created by Mr. Samuel "Sam" J. Butcher.  What began as a mere drawing of tear drop-eyed children as gifts for family and friends evolved now as one of the most recognized forms of art in the world. More than cards and posters that give messages of love, care and sharing, the Precious Moments figurines with over 1,500 designs and continuously growing has also became a hobbyist collection.

Precious Moments in the Philippines primarily engaged in the production of the dolls since 1981, and operation of the restaurant and showroom. In July 2010, the Manila showroom was opened and it now houses most of its collection.  It also serves as headquarters for the Philippine Precious Moments Collectors Club with more than 150 active members.  Worldwide, the Precious Moments Collectors number to over one million.

So finally, I was here enjoying myself with their gallery. I am really overjoyed seeing those cute and lovely dolls and figurines that were created and sold over the years.  Some of them carrying beautiful messages.  This time they have transformed the place from the previous Christmas holiday set-up to the very cozy and romantic mood to suit those who will go on Valentine date tomorrow.  Actually, as of today, we can already see couples and some groups dining together.

So now let me share to you some of the photos I took from their galleries.

As our eyes and spirit truly enjoy the moments and chatted, so our tummies as we feasted on the famous Samburger, carbonara and some delectable desserts.

Can't resist to take home some of these cupcakes as "pasalubong" for my little boy. Sold at P35.00 each and the mini-heart cake which costs P180.00.

Cheers to TRT ladies:  MommyGiayJinkee Umali, Aileen Siwa, Joy Felizardo and Aylin Vedad.

photo credit: Aileen Siwa
Precious Moments Showroom is located at 95 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave, Palanan (near corner South Superhighway), Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel. nos. (+632)887-525/387-1092

For more information on how to become a Precious Moments Collectors Club, like them on Facebook or visit their website.

Visit MommyGiay on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

View more Photos HERE.

What's Up Valentine's?

Earlier today my little boy asked me to buy something that he can give to his school teacher as a Valentine's gift.  Being a dutiful mom, I went to National Bookstore and got this little mug for P27.00. Isn't this mug so cute?

But when I got home and presented it to Ivan he was kinda dissappointed and told me he didn't like the gift I just bought.  Haissst, why are kids so choosy nowadays.  I was sort of sad as well because it took me time to find the perfect gift (I think) for teacher.

Anyway, I asked him, "so what kind of gift you want for teacher? He replied, "I wanted to give her a simple flower". Oh my, so we headed to a nearby store just within the village and he selected these.

Its a single-stem plastic flower with a little white bear inserts . . . so cute.  Got this for P10.00 each and he asked me if we can buy two pieces? and why 2? Oh, he replied, "I will give one to teacher and I will give the other one to you tomorrow".

Wow, so that's why I love my little boy so much.

UPDATE (Feb. 14): Getting ready for school with valentine flower for teacher.

A Masterpiece of Beauty with Creation by ZEN

Wanting to look good and beautiful for tomorrow's grand date?  what about to have that long and lasting beauty as well.

How do you create a masterpiece, one that is a hallmark of beauty, elegance and sophistication?

Take Rizzini Alexis Gomez, the reigning 2012 Miss Tourism International, for example. This 22-year-old, 5 feet 10 inch statuesque stunner, a Cum Laude nursing graduate from the University of Cebu and now a registered nurse, was no overnight sensation. Her beauty and confidence were the result of hard work, determination, will to succeed, building of confidence, and lots of prayers.

For Rizzini, joining beauty contests is no walk in the park. Though she failed to win in previous contests she joined, she eventually won the Mutya ng Pilipinas Tourism 2012 crown (where she also bagged Best in Swimsuit) and earned for herself a ticket to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia for the Miss Tourism International. But even after she won Mutya ng Pilipinas, she immediately buckled down to work.

When preparing for major beauty tiffs, Rizzini follows a strict regimen, mainly involving developing stamina since beauty pageants are full of rigorous physical activities. For her daily physical activities, she says she swims and walks a lot, and even plays basketball if there’s an opportunity, more often with her father, former PBA professional player and now University of Cebu basketball team coach Roehl Gomez.

She also swears that there’s no special diet. “Contrary to what people may think about beauty queens’ diet, for me, I can practically eat what I want. But then I compensate by working out, at least 4 times a week. I also consume protein-rich food but of course, I also eat lots of vegetables,” Rizzini says.

Preparing herself emotionally also counts for this beauty when preparing for a major pageant. Reading her favorite books, mostly paranormal, romance, fantasy or adventure genres, helps calm her mind and divert her attention off a pageant even if for a while, and also helps her to relax.

But of course, the most important for her is praying hard. “I was brought up in a very religious family, especially my Mom, who taught me to always seek guidance and wisdom from God in everything I do, whether preparing for a beauty pageant or even exams in school or the nursing board exams.” In terms of her looks and other facial requirements, Rizzini insists that being a beauty pageant contestant would entail some degree of help. “I have problems with acne breakouts, probably because I have oily skin. And surely these problems need medical assistance.”

And to remedy this, she acknowledges the help of Dr. Mary Jane “Dr. MJ” Torres, who runs The Zen Institute, a premier medical spa in the country located in Bonifacio Global City that has become Rizzini’s favorite. She was lucky enough to have won treatment packages at The Zen Institute as part of her Mutya prizes, and this is what Rizzini truly enjoys as she goes there regularly.

“I know that true beauty comes from within but I was also really glad to have known The Zen Institute, where they did wonders to my face problems related to acne and oiliness. Going to Zen made me even more confident in showing to the world true Filipina beauty is inside and out, and I thank Zen for giving me that confidence.”

As to her future, Rizzini said her reign would involve lots of traveling, mainly between the Philippines and Malaysia. Once her reign ends, among this articulate Cebuana’s plans is to pursue a Master’s degree in nursing or maybe even go to Law school. “I’m definitely looking at those goals but of course, I’d let God decide on where I should go. I’ll just follow,” she said.

“Rizzini is the creation and now a masterpiece! She lives a healthy lifestyle with a positive attitude. At her age and at this early stage of her career, she knows how to create a balance between mind and body. And of course, it is a duty to take care of one’s self from inside and out. She is the true example of a woman living in Zen’s guiding philosophy. She is a beauty ‘perfected from within,’” Dr. MJ emphasizes.

The Zen Institute is located at the Ground Floor, Bonifacio Technology Center, 31st Street corner 2nd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City (856-2027), with branches at 69-D Scout Rallos St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City (441-1712; 412-2528), Sofitel Philippines Plaza Manila, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City (832-6957), or at the St. Frances Cabrini Medical Center, Maharlika Highway,  Barangay 2, Sto. Tomas, Batangas (+43)778-4811.

For more information about The Zen Institute, visit

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Calcium: Least Consumed Micronutrient in the Filipino Diet

What do you know about calcium as a micronutrient and how important it is as a source of nutrition?

Ninety-nine percent of calcium is located in the skeleton for bone structure and strength, while one percent is found in the soft tissues, extracellular fluid and plasma for metabolic and regulatory roles. 

Specifically, calcium is consumed for the construction, formation and maintenance of bones and teeth, blood clotting and wound healing, muscle contraction, maintenance of cells and connective tissues, blood pressure control and nerve transmission, among others. 

According to the Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes (RENI) developed by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST) in 2002, calcium requirement differs according to population groups and sex. 

The male and female adults 19 – 64 years old need 750 milligrams (mg) per day of calcium, while those 65 years old and over need 800mg/day.

The Philippines has relatively lower recommendation values for calcium than the United States, Australia and other Southeast Asian countries.

Dried dilis, canned fish, sardines, some green vegetables and legumes, seeds and nuts, snails and mollusks are the richest sources of calcium in the diet, while milk, yogurt and cheddar cheese have the highest absorbable calcium. 

photo credit

The 7th National Nutrition Survey (NNS) by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST) revealed that mean one-day per capita calcium intake is at 42.3% of the RENI and that calcium as the least- consumed nutrient in the Filipino diet.

There was a drop in the proportion of households meeting the RENI for calcium from 16.0% in 2003 to 11.5% in 2008.

The survey further showed that six to twelve year-old children had the lowest consumption of calcium according to population groups, with 0.26 grams per day.

Pregnant women had the highest mean one-day calcium consumption among population groups.

In general, the estimated average recommendation for calcium was not met and registered very low proportions across population groups at around 9.8%.

Fish was shown to be the primary source of calcium in the Filipino diet, followed by rice and cereals, vegetables and milk and milk products.

Milk intake, as an excellent source of dietary calcium, was also shown to be poor except in infants.

Calcium intake can be increased through increased consumption of fish and milk in the diet, as well as promoting cheaper sources of calcium.

Promotion of adequate calcium intake throughout the lifespan is strongly encouraged to meet the recommended intakes especially in infants after six months.

Everyone must take part in improving the calcium intake, particularly during the growing years to avoid calcium deficiency-related diseases such as osteoporosis.

by: Jund Rian A. Doringo
      Science Research Specialist
For more information on food and nutrition, contact:

Dr. Mario V. Capanzana
Food and Nutrition Research Institute
Department of Science and Technology
General Santos Avenue, Bicutan, Taguig City
Tel/Fax Num: 8372934 and 8373164

Apollo Revolution Lenses Grand Launch

Hong Kong Optical lens company, a Hong Kong based premier optical laboratory launched yesterday in a grand event held at EDSA Shangri-la Hotel in Mandaluyong City. This is the latest technology in eye wear lenses.

The company aimed to provide local and international clientele world class optical lenses.  Equipped with state of the art and internationally renowned equipment from LOH of Germany & Satis of Italy as the backbone of the production line. Fused as well with promising staff, they promises to provide the public with its dedicated products and services.

The event was highlighted by an exciting "lion dance" performance.

With the commitment of providing the local public with world class lenses, the company introduced revolutionary products from Kodak, Sunsensors and Apollo lens which is also the house brand. 

What are polycarbonate lenses?

Polycarbonate got their name because they are polymers containing carboante groups.  Polycarbonate is a type of tough and versatile plastic that is used mainly for the manufacture of various things like bullet proof windows and compact discs (CDs).

It was first developed in the 1970s for use in space related programs like visors on space suites and shuttle wind shields.  In 1983, it was formally introduced by Gentex Corporation in response to the demand for lightweight durable and impact resistant lens.

Today, polycarbonate are being used for making lenses that are lightweight and almost damage proof.  It also offers 100% protection from the harmful UV rays.  They are also up to 10 times more impact resistant than glass or plastic lenses that made it an instant hit.

Why use polycarbonate lens?
  • considered as the "best" option when it comes to eye safety
  • can be used for eyeglasses, sports eye wear and sunglasses
  • used in the manufacture of eyeglasses, since it is transparent, durable and has a high index of refraction
  • thinner and more durable than other conventional and glass lenses
  • used as prescription glasses for vision correction of even very high power
  • used for making sunglasses that makes use of filters to block the harmful UV rays of the sun
  • also comes in polarized to block glare
  • perfect for sportswear because of its high impact resistance
  • excellent choice for making children's glasses and safety glasses

What are the advantages of polycarbonate lens?
  • Greater protection: protects vision by holding up to rough play or sports practice; with high impact resistance, it provides greater protection against eye damage and vision loss from broken or shattered lenses
  • Lighter weight: lighter than standard plastic or glass, highly suitable for people with strong prescriptions; thinner than standard plastic or glass
  • Scratch resistant: no lens is scratch proof, polycarbonate lenses come with a scratch-resistant coating to keep them clear as long as possible, even when worn by children
  • UV protection: offers inherent ultraviolet protection
  • Safety: lenses are made from polycarbonate materials that provides the highest level of impact protection
Disadvantages of polycarbonate lens: although its very advatageous, it has certain drawbacks
  • they are not as good optically as high index or plastic lenses
  • people in prescriptions with higher powers have trouble seeing out the edges of the lenses - field of vision is not as wide as with glass or plastic lenses
  • as your vision is corrected by light passing through a prescription lens and focusing an image on your retina, polycarbonate bends light to a greater degree than glass or plastic lenses of equal thickness
  • some lens tints may be difficult  or impossible to apply
  • polycarbonate lenses are harder to make, they require more time to manufacture
Thanks for my newest eyewear.  I will soon gonna have my very first reading glass which I think will be something essential for me.