Friday, November 30, 2012

A Healthy and Dust-Free Home this Christmas

What's on your wishlist this Christmas? a new gadget, chic clothes, a cute pet, a cute toy for the toddler, or perhaps even a new home for Christmas. Almost same here.  But on top of it all, I would like a healthy well-being for my whole family. I think every material thing will be senseless unless I have a healthy family who will be able to enjoy all of these.

So it’s best to keep healthy and worry-free, and start by keeping the home clean and rid it of other threats, in particular the dreaded “dust mites,” those dangerous micro-organisms that can bring harm health-wise to anyone regardless of age or gender. And the best way to get rid of dust mites this Christmas in the home of a relative or a friend—or perhaps even your own home—is by giving them the Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy Cleaner.

Why dust mites? The most perilous part there is by having direct contact with their “droppings” or “feces.” Depending on the level of allergic reaction of an individual to certain allergens such as dust mites, it can cause various respiratory problems like asthma for children and also adults, colds, cough, or even allergic rhinitis and skin rashes to some.

Usual suspect places are our beds and mattresses, carpets, pillows, curtains, blankets and linens. Laying on these places, particularly on mattresses which would normally have around 100,000 to more than 10 million dust mites, would surely have unpleasant effects on your health. Shaking mattresses or bringing them out under direct sunlight will not get rid of them. In one of their studies, the Tokyo Allergy Research Center indicated that even direct exposure to the sun’s rays for up to 6 hours will not be enough to kill the dust mites.

With these in mind, there’s no other way but to kill those dust mites, and Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy Cleaner is so far the most effective way. It kills 99% of bacteria and almost 94% of dust mites, and also even the fearsome H1N1 Influenza A virus based on studies done by the Tokyo Allergy Research Center and the Japan Food Research Laboratories, through the use of its patented 3-step allergy care system: vibrating, sterilizing and double-filtering.

Aside from using “UVC” (ultra-violet “C” rays, which is less harmful to humans) rays, this new home companion has a Vibrating Pad that shakes particles and dust mites away from mattresses, pillows and other fabrics and linens at a speed of 3,600 times per minute, making sure that even the most stubborn dust mites are removed.

Its UVC Sterilization lamp, using lamp technology from Philips and Sankyo that contains a highly efficient and effective 253.7 nanometer wavelength, the same germicidal ultraviolet wavelength used in hospitals, clinics and laboratories, exterminates bacteria to leave target surfaces germ-free. And the Raycop cartridge filter captures the larger particles and traps them so they cannot go back to the room and helps extend the life of the Micro Allergy Filter, which is the one that traps the smaller particles to make sure they do not escape as well.

It’s Christmas so naturally, you wouldn’t want to be sick while everyone’s celebrating. So enjoy your wonderful gifts this Christmas and remain healthy as well by keeping your home dust mite and allergen-free—all through the power of the Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy Cleaner.

The Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy Cleaner is available at Rustan’s Department Stores, S & R, Landmark, Wilcon Builder’s Libis and soon at Abensons. For more information about the Raycop product line and its outstanding features, visit

Filipino Bloggers Worldwide: The 1st Grand Eyeball

Finally! After over a year of inception, Filipino Bloggers Worldwide (FBW), in partnership with Ex-Links Events, present Filipino Bloggers Worldwide: The 1st Grand Eyeball.

Get to meet your favorite Filipino bloggers and mingle with like-minded individuals this December 7, 2012 at SM Megamall's Megatrade Hall 2 from 6pm to 10pm, and enjoy a night packed with fun learning, interactive games, menaingful conversations and special surprises.

Brand partners on the other hand, can expect not just additional exposure to blogger attendees, but a long-term, fruitful relationship and support from Filipino Bloggers Worldwide.

About Filipino Bloggers Worldwide:

Filipino Bloggers Worldwide (FBW) started as a Facebook group on November 1, 2011.  As the name implies, the group's purpose is to unite all Filipino bloggers around the world.  The group was easily recognized in the blogosphere in just less than a month.  Since then, Filipino Bloggers Worldwide became the number one Facebook Filipino bloggers group.  Furthermore, FBW was recently awarded as  one of the Top Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012.  The creators of FBW expressed that every blogger may have different reasons when it comes to blogging, but each and everyone in the community strives to make FBW an active and supportive group for Filipino bloggers worldwide.

So come join us in this momentous event, and be a proud Filipino blogger worldwide.

Filipino Bloggers Worldwide: The 1st Grand Eyeball is brought to you by Filipino Bloggers WorldwideEx-Link EventsBo’s CoffeeShareTea PhilippinesB’s Cupcakes, Water For Less Purifying System, Breakfast MagazineAzta Urban SalonYstilo SalonBeauty by RiaBagellia FilipinasTough Brat BagsVESTIAlways 10 ListFrank & Carol’sPinky Toes PHJana Kathryn,Kikay KonekAstigirl by Tweet SeringBlogger ManilaGadget Gambit, Towercamp Phils., Inc., Say It NessieBudget BiyaheraThe Purple DollShopping with Juan, and Smart Mommy Online.

Getting Ready when Calamity Strikes

Geographically, the Philippines is located at the so-called "Pacific Ring of Fire", thus the tendency to experience more natural calamities like typhoons and earthquakes.  However, accordingly there's an even  larger context of climate change whose impacts are felt all the way around the world.

Climate change or global warming has become evident in recent years as regions experience extreme climates, from warm seasons hitting record-high temperatures to wet seasons exhibiting massive precipitation. This is precisely the reason why organizations from both the public and private sectors call for extra vigilance.

As an advocate of safety and awareness, Eveready Philippines is taking an active stance in educating the public about being always ready when disaster strikes. “Now that we are at the height of what we can rightfully call ‘typhoon season’, Filipinos are again reminded to ensure that their family is always ready,” says Energizer representative Johanna V. Emata “This, of course, starts with awareness of certain situations and proper knowledge of which equipment and supplies are needed to be ready for any type of calamity.”

Keep up with the latest

The first thing to do at the onset of any calamity is to keep watch over the situation regardless of whether you are located near disaster-prone areas or not. This means keeping constantly updated with breaking news about the progress of the storm and related developments over television or radio.

It also helps to be oriented on PAGASA’s Public Storm Warning Signals (PSWS) as well as their recently released color-coded rainfall advisory, which would help people be ready for any possible situations. While PSWS corresponds to increasing storm intensity from PSWS#1 to PSWS#4, the rainfall advisory tracks the level of rainfall that determines rising water levels.

Code Yellow means heavy rain that will deposit about 7.5 to 15mm of water—a situation that requires constant monitoring of the weather condition because of the possibility of flooding. Code Orange, on the other hand, means intense rain that will deposit about 15 to 30mm of water. This code requires people to be alert for possible evacuation due to threat of floods. Code Red, like any other red-alert status, means danger. With more that 30mm of rainfall, low-lying areas are to expect serious flooding that would require residents to immediately evacuate.

Knowing these facts offer foresight and provide a chance to be always ready for possible disaster. Being ready means having ample time to strategize on which areas to avoid, how to safeguard property, or, at worst, evacuate the premises.

Basic Needs

If you and your family do get caught in a situation that leaves little or no margin for error, it helps to be prepared and armed with the right equipment and supplies. “Faced with an emergency disaster situation, what you have inside your home, or ultimately inside your bag, may spell the difference between life and death,” says Emata. “Being prepared with the right tools will definitely ensure you and your family’s survival.”

Securing the basic necessities of food, shelter, and clothing is of utmost importance. Making sure that the household is secure and waterways are free of debris are essential, as is stocking up on provision like bottled water and food that have a long shelf life.

An emergency kit that includes a multitool knife, First Aid materials, transistor radios, and flashlights should be accessible at all times. Cell phones should be charged in case of power interruption and emergency numbers must be on hand.

Help is on the way

It’s also important to stock up on long-lasting batteries. Aside from powering radios for information and flashlights for navigating through the dark, a good set of batteries powers signaling devices that can spell the difference between getting rescued and being left behind.

Eveready, the country’s leading battery brand, took the initiative to equip emergency response units like the Philippine Red Cross and the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council with hands-free Energizer Headlights and Batteries needed to conduct rescue and relief operations.

Through partner organizations GMA Kapuso Foundation and ABS-CBN Foundation’s Sagip Kapamilya, Eveready also provided emergency lights and battery energy to families affected by massive flooding during the recent southwest monsoon (habagat) rains in most of Metro Manila and  large parts of Luzon.

As a brand that has empowered Filipino lives for decades, Eveready reiterates the importance of being vigilant and ready at all times. “Given that our country is very much prone to natural calamities, we should all take time to prepare and invest on the safety of our families and homes,” says Emata. “It is a small price to pay considering the value of the things and the lives that you can save.”

note: Press Release

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Guinness World Records Recognized a Filipina: Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzles

Today the Guinness World Records recognized Ms. Gina Gil Lacuna as the record holder for "The World's Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzles in any Size, Shape or Form". The awarding was held at the very prestigious The Puzzle Mansion located in Tagaytay City.

The award was handed by no other than Guinness World Records Adjudicator and Representative of Turkey, Seyda Subasi Gemici, with the official Guinness Certificate attesting to the new record she has set in this category. Ms. Gina Lacuna's collection boasts 1,030 jigsaw puzzles.  All the puzzles in the collection were completed by ma'am Gina herself and are all housed at the Puzzle Mansion Bed & Breakfast in Tagaytay City.  The previous record for jigsaw puzzles was 238, collected by Luiza Figuereido of Brazil on May 21, 2010.

The puzzles in Ms. Lacuna's collection were adjudicated this morning in the presence of two official witnesses, Sister Angeline Ilagan and Professor Monette Narciso of the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts.  The puzzle collection includes mural-sized puzzles that are 14 feet long and 5 feet tall and smaller pieces of various shapes and sizes, some in 3D and 4D.

Ms. Lacuna is currently working on one jigsaw puzzle that is acknowledged also by Guinness to be the biggest jigsaw puzzle in existence in the world : Keith Haring’s Double Retrospect with 32,000 puzzle pieces – 17 feet long and 6 feet tall.

According to ma'am Gina she began doing jigsaw puzzles 27 years ago, says she is able to finish two 500-piece puzzles a day and a 1000-pieces puzzle overnight. “If the puzzles have only 300 pieces, I am able to finish five of them in one day,” she said.

The awarding ceremony was also witnessed by local and foreign dignitaries, like Tagaytay Mayor Abraham Tolentino and Director Luella Jurilla of the Calabarzon Region who represented Tourism Secretary Ramon R. Jimenez. Friends from local and international media were also present during the occasion.

Mayor Tolentino said, “We are very proud to have this awesome puzzle collection in our City and this recognition from Guinness World Records, the ultimate authority on record-breaking achievements, will place Tagaytay on the world map. The Puzzle Mansion will now be included in their local package travel offerings such as the Lakbay Aral. We congratulate Ms. Lacuna on her singular feat and salute her for the role that her puzzles will play in boosting tourism in this part of the country,” 

For her part, Ms. Lacuna said she wants to turn more people – especially the youth – into solving jigsaw puzzles. “They are very rewarding to do because they are educational and have many psychological and health benefits as well. They relax you even as they make you think. According to doctors, working on difficult jigsaw puzzles exercises your brain. The more you work your brain, the better off your mind will be. Solving jigsaw puzzles can help stave off memory loss and brain aging.”

The event ended with a very beautiful fireworks display brightening the Tagaytay skyline.

The puzzle collection is on view daily at The Puzzle Mansion from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Sunday with minimal entrance fee of P100.00.  For more information about the puzzle collection and The Puzzle Mansion, visit

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Coachlicious Giveaway: FREE Blogger Sign-up

Coachlicious Giveaway Event hosted by Mom Powered Media

Prize: Coach Madison Op Art Sateen Handbag

Event dates: 12/17 - 12/31

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

IFE Elevators: Moving and Serving the Philippines

IFE Elevators Philippines officially announced today its partnership with IFE Elevators Co. Ltd. of China, manufacturer of IFE Elevators, one of the largest elevator brands in China. IFE Elevators Philippines will be the official exclusive distributor of the IFE Elevator brand here in the Philippines.

According to Mr. Francis Ondoy, General Manager of IFE Elevator Philippines, they will handle the Sales, Marketing, Installation, Maintenance and After-Sales service elements. He also said, "we already have the necessary resources and competent technical personnel that will take care of all concerns regarding the business." Manufacturing aspect will remain in China since demand isn't that much yet but according to IFE China executive Mr. Jason Bai, they are hopeful that in the years to come, possibly they can put-up a manufacturing plant in the Philippines as well.

IFE elevator brand is known not only in China but also in major countries such as Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia (in the ASEAN region); India, Bangladesh and Pakistan (in South Asia); United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Bahrain and Iran (in Middle East); Nigeria, Congo and Rwanda (in Africa); Venezuela, Chile and Bolivia (in South America); and in Australia.

What will make the IFE brand competitive in the Philippine market?

  • the flexibility of its designs which can ably suit the needs of clients or builders
  • excellent technical support and after-sales services which are very essential in elevator business however often neglected by existing big brands.
  • competitive pricing scheme, a much reduced cost but without compromising the quality of its products and services

IFE Elevators will assure clients of utmost quality. The brand is classified as a triple "A" elevator manufacturer in China, certified ISO-compliant (ISO9001:2008, ISO4001), and supported by a dynamic and innovative research and development team of engineers and technical personnel to help continuously improve and provide users with reliable and intelligent vertical transport solution designs.

For the Philippine market, IFE Elevator Philippines will offer several products such as Vertical Lifts, elevator types such as Passenger and Freight, Hospital Bed, Scenic or Panoramic, "Dumbwaiter", and Home Lifts. For now they are targetting mid-rise building constructions as clients.

Lastly, Mr. Ondoy emphasized that the Philippine company is confident about the elevator technology that IFE elevators will provide to the local market since they have been in elevator design and installation for more than 20 years already. Proudly saying that, IFE elevators also possess the same level of accuracy, safety and quality that our more established counterparts have.

To know more about IFE Elevators and its products, visit or

I - Innovative, F - Faithful, E - Efficient.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Stocking Stuffer Giveaway: Free Blogger Opp

Rude Mom and Coupon Crazy Sisters have teamed up for an awesome giveaway right before the holidays. Two FREE links will be given in exchange for helping to promote this awesome giveaway.  The requirement is 3x a week promotion.

The giveaway goes live on December 1 at 12:01.  HTML code will be sent by November 29.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nescafe Philippines Fans Day: A Celebration of 2 Million Likes

Last Saturday as a way of thanking their 2 million ++ fans, Nescafe celebrated its Fans Day at the SM MOA Music Hall, being the current no.1 top brand page on Facebook. The brand's page was launched in Facebook on July 8, 2009; in December 2011, it reached the 1 million mark, and shortly a year after, in October 23, it held its spot as the no.1 brand page in the Philippines, with 2 million likes.

According to Mr. Mark Castillo, Consumer Marketing Manager of NESCAFÉ in the Philippines. We receive overwhelming support every day on Facebook. One post may get as many as a thousand likes and shares, and comments may reach up to the same level – we’re blown away. It is heartwarming to see people love and understand your product at almost the same level that you do, and through this event we say, ‘Thank you’.” 

The event provided each and every fan participants a series of events, such as interactive video and photo booths, games, and variety shows to reward fans that have made the success of the brand possible. 

Merienda were also served, Nescafe with pandesal - nothing but a favorite Filipino food combination not only during breakfast but all-day long.

Stage programs were hosted by Survivor Philippines castaways Betong and Maey, and sports enthusiast Drew Arellano; also present were YouTube sensation and comedienne, Petra Mahalimuyak with Frank Magalona; top rock bands Callalily, 6 Cycle Mind, and Urbandub sets the concert-stage.

NESCAFÉ shared that from the time it hit a million fans, it has been adding over a thousand fans every day, and now that they’re at 2 million, fans grew daily by over 3,000 likes.
NESCAFÉ Philippines has shown that constant engagement and genuine interest in fans’ opinions will not only earn mass respect, but also garner love. Undoubtedly, the brand’s efforts to add local flavor to its Facebook posts have paved the way for this social media success. Understanding what matters such as friends, families, celebrations of life and love are what brought NESCAFE closer to the hearts of Filipinos.

“This event is a testament that fans and brands go hand in hand in ensuring social media success. We listen, we care, we respond. Your fans will know if you are worthy of their attention, more so, their love, and we cannot be any happier that they gave us both,” says Christophe Stern, Business Executive Manager of NESCAFE in the Philippines.

Launched in 1938, NESCAFÉ today is one of the world’s most popular brands. In the Philippines, NESCAFÉ offers pure soluble coffees, coffee mixes, healthy coffees, premium coffees, and ready-to-drink coffees. For more information, visit our website at, like us on Facebook at, and follow @NescafePH on Twitter. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Dimsum Break Restaurant at SM North EDSA

Dimsum Break opens its very first venture in the Metro Manila food scenery. Owned and operated by a private family corporation Harbour City Dimsum House Co., Inc. (HCDHCI), primarily engaged in the fast food business in Cebu.  This is their 16th branch and the first one in Metro Manila and within the Luzon area.

What sets them apart, it is but very common in other restaurants or any other food outlets that dim sums are offered and served only as a side dish.  But with Dimsum Break, you can have dim sum all-day and with the interactive concept wherein customers just need to line-up and reach for their very own choices of dim sum.

Geared to keep attuned with the fast-paced urban lifestyles, especially for professionals who are always on the go.  One can get dim sum in  a dash and with the widest selection of over 20 steamed and fried dim sum ready for customers picking.

Everything here is very affordable, nothing exceeds P100 except for the yummy feeling one can get after you've tasted what's on the menu. Fried dim sum at P65, steamed dim sum at P65, rice pots at P68, noodles and soups at P80, vegetables at P55, beverages is from P15 to P35.

I was indeed privileged enough to sample their dishes. Here's what I got.

What I like most is their very own signature dish, "The Original  Steamed Fried Rice", its a complete rice meal in itself with a very generous servings of meat and shrimp bits, even kids will surely love it.

The venue provides a very relaxing atmosphere as well.  In here, one can get himself well rested while enjoying the savoury food. With the spacious tables and the unique "wooden steamer" which served as light covers, locally we call it "agkay" for a more enlightening ambiance.

About Dimsum Break

Dimsum Break is the fastest growing brand of Harbour City Dimsum House Co., Inc. (HCDHCI) based in Cebu, now in Metro Manila. This is the latest addition to their growing chain of restaurants. It takes its concept from the family's first venture in fast food business, the Ding How Dimsum House.  Established in 1969,the brand pioneered the concept of all-day dimsum dining in Cebu. Their other brands are the Ding Qua Qua Dimsum House and Harbour City Dimsum House.

Dimsum Break together with the other two brands, continue to build on the household name established by Ding How since 1969 and have become synonymous with authentic, quality dim sum cuisine, served from the heart at pocket-friendly rates.

Today, Dimsum Break is popularizing the novel means of serving dim sum - the interactive style.
Now serving at the
3/F SM North EDSA Annex, EDSA, Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines

They are open 10am - 9pm (Sunday - Thursday) and 10am - 10pm during Fridays and Saturdays.  You can also visit and like their Facebook Page for more updates.

The Largest Gathering of Sulitizens at Sulit City

Yesterday, Sulitizens trooped over to Eastwood Central Plaza to celebrate's 6th anniversary. To date, is the Philippines no.1 classified ads website.

RJ and Arianne David, founders of started the company in their home as an experimental website.  Upon receiving great feedback from online citizens, they eventually transformed it into a full-blown business venture under the corporate name Netrepreneur Connections Enterprises, Inc.  Since then has been committed to providing advertisers and consumers with an online platform that constantly innovates and keeps up with the demands of the growing and changing market.

Within its dynamic pages, has everything - consumer electronics, vacation packages, accessories, a variety of services - name it, they have it. This is why they get millions of page views daily.  Being the first to appear in search engine results also gets them to be the #1 go-to site for online consumers.  Their user friendly interface and easy purchasing scheme namely, hanap, usal, deal, attract more and more Filipinos to perform hassle-free online transactions. also builds Filipino entrepreneurs by providing seminars like the Sulit Netrepreneur Academy.  Their goal is to not only provide an online market place for Filipinos, but to also equip their members with online tips that can help enhance their netreprenuerial skills.

Ano Hanap Mo?

Last April 2012, launched the Ano Hanap Mo? campaign featuring their brand ambassador Lourd de Veyra to create brand awareness.  This campaign efficiently showed us that whatever we need, we can surely find it in

With just a few clicks, globetrotters can find the perfect vacation packages, techie people can get the latest gadgets, fashionistas can discover fab fashion finds, car enthusiasts can get great deals on brand new and used cars, and more.

The Sulitizens Gathering

The Eastwood Central Plaza served as venue for the biggest gatherings of sulitizens this year, with the celebration of's 6th year anniversary. Registration gates opened at 7:00pm and there was a very long line of attendees all waiting to get registered and join the event.

The event was hosted by DJ Jessica Mendosa and DJ Tyler Ramos with performances by bands Yolanda Moon, Hidden Nikki, Maude and Up Dharma Down.

Upon registration each was given a passport with different activities to complete and to qualify for the games and raffles wherein lived up to its name as they showered their guests with the latest gadgets as raffle promo prizes, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPod Touch are just some of the items that were given away during the event.

It was also a memorable one for the Sulit Ano Hanap Mo grand prize winner, Mr. Ringo Perreras, who officially received his brand new 2012 Honda City.


Like on Facebook and follow on Twitter for more updates on promos and events.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sulitizens 2012 Gathering

Everyone's invited to the largest gathering of SULITIZENS on the 15th of November 2012 at Eastwood Central Plaza. 

Performing Guests: 

UP Dharma Down
Yolanda Moon
Hidden Nikki

Hosted by Jessica Mendoza and Tyler Ramos
with special participation of Lourd de Veyra

Free entrance to all, play exciting games, enjoy treats and get a chance to win amazing prizes!

Don't miss out on this event! 

Sunday, November 11, 2012


FINE Nutrition Trading International, the local subsidiary of Osaka-based FINE Company, Japan’s leading player in the global nutraceutical industry, and makers of the revolutionary product FINE Hyaluron & Collagen, served as one of the sponsors of the recently-concluded 60th FAMAS (Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences) Awards Night held at the historic Manila Hotel.

Company executives, led by Imelda Manook Tesalona (center), President of FINE Nutrition Trading International, presented the award for “Best Editing,” which went to the movie “Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story.” Others in photo include Takeshi Hayashi, Director of FINE Group Limited HK (left); and David Chan, President of Manola Company.  The two flew all the way from Hong Kong to join Ms. Tesalona as presenters during the awards night. 

Aside from hyaluron and collagen, FINE Hyaluron; Collagen, Japan’s best-held longevity and beauty secret, contains Elastin, Vitamin C, Biotin and Pear Coix Extract. Each 7g sachet of FINE Hyaluron; Collagen contains 60mg Hyaluron, 5,250mg Collagen, 15mg Elastin, 100mg Vitamin C, 45mcg Biotin, plus Pear Coix Extract, an essential element that helps maintain the youthfulness of the skin. FINE Hyaluron; Collagen is available in all Watsons stores nationwide.

Village People Concert + Giveaway

Party with the world's #1 Disco Superstars! LIVE! One Night Only!

I am giving away  two (2) Premiere concert tickets (worth P3,500.00 each) to a lucky reader.

Winner must be able to personally claim his/her prize at the concert gate (must present a valid ID).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

NOTE: Comment below your name and your companion (name that appears on your valid ID, which you will use to claim the ticket) and email address. Ticket is no longer transferable after winner's name had been confirmed and submitted to the event organizer on November 15, 2012 at 12 midnight.


Village People: Its More Fun to Do the YMCA in Manila

Reminisced old times! Remember the songs that you groove with? "YMCA", "Go West", "In the Navy", "Milkshake", "I Am What I Am", and "Can't Stop the Music".  These are just some of their biggest hits that shook the world and triggered a disco revolution. Village People is synonymous with dance music, that earned them the title "Kings of Disco" with record sales of more than 100 millions worldwide. Ten (10) Gold and Triple Platinum albums and 17 Chart Singles. Having the combination of talented choreography with outrageous fun, bumping and grinding, these six talented men continuously provide entertainment for all through their singing and dancing for 35 years already.

The group started out in 1977 with the discovery of Felipe dancing in his Native American costume, what began was the idea of putting together a group of men to represent various American social groups. The rest of the three and half decades were but successful worldwide concert tours, awards and recognitions, best-selling albums, top charts and significant influence even in motion pictures, televisions and sports.  Their songs can be heard in many movies, they have performed several times on American TV shows and other programs worldwide. They are the half-time entertainment for Australia's Rugby Grand Finals seen by more people than Superbowl, among other sporting events worldwide.

The Philippine concert seen will soon be sharing the limelight with the Village People as they perform live on November 17, 2012 (Saturday) at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, Manila.  Party begins at 8:30 pm.

This one night only event is brought to us by Red Stone Productions, in cooperation with Jinga Juice, Puerto Princesa Underground River, Esquire Financing Inc., Talk TV, 2nd Avenue, Jack TV and Media Partners: The Philippine STAR, Business World, Business Mirror, People's Journal, Mellow 94.7, Barangay LS 97.1, 101.1 YES FM and Pinas FM 95.5.

Tickets are available at Ticketworld and SM Ticket Outlets.

Limited - P5,500.00
VIP - P4,500.00
Premiere: P3,500.00
DeLuxe - P2,000.00


In 2008, Village People were awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (between Liberace and Betty Grable at 6529 Holywood Blv)! It was a very special moment in their history.

"YMCA" is #2 MOST SING-ALONG-ABLE SONG IN HISTORY. Goldsmiths University has done the research and declares that YMCA is #2 in UK history as most sing-along-able. Who knew?

Like MommyGiay on Facebook, I'll be giving away FREE concert tickets to this event to two (2) of my lucky readers. Stay tuned.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Famous MOCHI Sweets Invades Manila

Filipino's are known to have sweet tooth, such we are "sweet lovers".  Now come to invade the local food scene that will surely suit the Filipino taste is the ever popular MOCHI SWEETS, that we have seen in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

Business partners Jason Yap and Samatha Paz chanced upon Mochi Sweets in their trips to Malaysia and Vietnam and saw the store drawing huge crowds. Both only in their early 20s but with entrepreneurial exposure from their parents, they decided to write to J Sweets in Hong Kong and were soon awarded the official franchise for Mochi Sweets in the Philippines.

Garry Cheng, President of J Sweets was in Manila to grace the unveiling of the first Mochi Sweets store in the SM Mall of Asia. He was very excited for Filipinos to try Mochi Sweets. He says their dessert is superior to other desserts which loosely uses mochi but don’t produce the right texture and experience. Cheng offers a clue on how premium their product and standards are: “We learned from Japan. We had a Japanese chef who creates these delectable concoctions for us and we use only 100% Japanese mochi.”

Just looking at the cute and colourful balls of Mochi Sweets neatly placed in its classic gift box and you understand why it has earned raves abroad. “First impression counts,” says Jason Yap, president of Mochi Sweets Philippines. “Mochi Sweets first tempts you with how it appeals to the eyes. But the real pleasure is the taste and experience once you bite into it. This is because Mochi Sweets is made from the best ingredients. There is meticulous control to ensure consistency of quality. We do not short-change our customers. We aim to satisfy each customer and make them enjoy life’s simple indulgent treats.”

Hence, the real test is resisting the urge to sink your teeth into these decadent sweets. Mochi Sweets comes frozen and you have to wait 10-15 minutes for it to thaw before you can bite into its gummy goodness. But unlike those with ice cream filling, Mochi Sweets is not prone to messy meltdowns as you eat it. It is also a perfect to-go or bring-home treat since it does not melt all the way through and will be thawed and just-ready by the time you meet your family and friends.

Jason Yap further shows how Mochi Sweets will be enjoyed: “We are a gifting society. A box of Mochi Sweets has 6 to 12 pieces and will definitely be a fun gift for sharing during those special moments and celebrations. Customers can pick different colors and flavors of Mochi Sweets based on the personality and preference of the lucky recipient and this makes each box of Mochi Sweets special and personal.”

Mochi Sweets indeed has a wide array of flavors – from the classic favorites to inspired special concoctions. Clear winners for chocolate lovers are the wickedly good Chocolate Mousse, Cream Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. Coffee aficionados will find delicious comfort in Caramel Macchiato. Kids and kids-at-heart looking for something wholesome will enjoy the fruity confections: Strawberry Mousse, Mango Yoghurt and Honey Lemon Cream. Those who want something different and exotic can try Sakura (or cherry blossom, which is very popular in Japan), Green Tea and Durian Mousse. Currently, Mochi Sweets offers 17 flavors and will continue to dish out cool and yum variants that will make customers think Mochi Sweets when they crave for desserts and comfort food.

From the first Mochi Sweets kiosk in SM Mall of Asia (beside the Skating Rink), the team of Jason Yap and Samatha Paz will open three more Mochi Sweets stores this quarter. The next two stores will be at Robinsons Galleria and Eastwood Mall. They promise rapid expansion in 2013 with the biggest Mochi Sweets shop already slated at SM Aura which will open at BGC.

You may visit their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Make Believe's Spook-tacular Halloween 2012

Make Believe Productions would like to thank everyone who supported their series of halloween events. Here;s a run-down of these successful activities.

October 20

Skycable's Show and Tell: A Halloween Talent Show

Make Believe participated in this fun and talent driven event organized by Skycable's Fun Club! Kids were treated to Make Believe's interactive booth with shadow puppetry and an exciting telling of the otherworldly story, "The Man in the Moon," during the main stage show. Our very own Creative Director, Lesley Leveriza-Lina was a distinguished judge in the talent show, where some 14 kids showed off their respective talents in singing, dancing, and even Origami! 

Make Believe hosting Sky Cable's Halloween Talent Show.

October 27

Glorietta Halloween (Hollyween)
It was red carpet and glitz and glamour galore at the Glorietta Halloween event! Make Believe had a Hollywood arts and crafts booth in Glorietta 5, where children made fabulous movie star shades and stylish glitter wristbands. Make Believe was also able to pull in Harry Potter from Hogwarts and Captain Hook from Neverland to interact and take photos with the kids! 

A participant posing with Harry Potter at Make Believe's 
Arts and Crafts booth at Glorietta 5.

October 28
Unilab's Run United

Unilab invited Make Believe to handle the active daycare for all children of participating runners. Make Believe was ready and waiting for the kids at the crack of dawn and facilitated a slew of energetic activities which included free drawing, face painting, interactive storytelling, and theater and movement workshops!

Teacher Lesley doing theater exercises with Unilab kids 
after their Fun Run.

Bel-Air Halloween Storytelling
This event was organized by the Sangguniang Kabataan of Barangay Bel-Air, Makati, specifically for the children of workers in their village. Make Believe storytellers entertained the kids by sharing two tales: 1) Si Emang Engkantada at ang Tatlong Haragan, and 2) Ang Palasyo ng mga Duwende. The stories emphasized values such as taking care of the environment and valuing one's family above all.

Bel-Air kids listening to Make Believe's storytelling.

Fully Booked Spooky Halloween
Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street was truly fully booked at the atrium last October 28 as many people came and brought their children to watch Make Believe do a crazy, zany storytelling of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." There was also free face painting and a costume contest with amazing book prizes provided by the store. 

Teacher Nina and Teacher Lesley telling the crazy adventures of Alice in Wonderland to children of all ages.
October 30 

Scienceville Halloween Party
Scienceville, a premiere village in Parañaque, invited Make Believe for their Halloween party entitled, "Forever Young: A Neverland Adventure." The event was organized by the Sisterhood of Scienceville (S.O.S.) to promote camaraderie among the youth and build friendships with new neighbors. Teacher Lesley and Teacher Niña did an interactive storytelling of Peter Pan interspersed with games, which were enjoyed by kids and their parents alike!   

Scienceville kids enjoying the games and interactive 
storytelling of Peter Pan.
October 31  
Greenbelt Hollyween

Greenbelt patrons were treated to an appearance of their favorite Hollywood icons care of Make Believe!  Classic style icon Audrey Hepburn, glamorous rebel James Dean, and Twilight's Bella and Edward interacted with fans and posed for pictures at the Greenbelt 5 fashion walk.   

James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, Bella and Edward 
posing with Teacher Nina at Greenbelt.
About Make Believe:

Make Believe Productions is a theater production company founded in 2006 with the aim of building up, educating, and enriching the youth through the craft of theater. They aspire to create passionate young artists unafraid to explore, dream, create, and express themselves. They also strive to touch and captivate others through the staging of beautiful productions that push the limits of all vision and imagination.

Make Believe Productions, Inc.
Magallanes Village, Makati, 1232
Telefax: (632) 729-5899
Twitter: MakeBelieve07