Tuesday, November 20, 2012

IFE Elevators: Moving and Serving the Philippines

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IFE Elevators Philippines officially announced today its partnership with IFE Elevators Co. Ltd. of China, manufacturer of IFE Elevators, one of the largest elevator brands in China. IFE Elevators Philippines will be the official exclusive distributor of the IFE Elevator brand here in the Philippines.

According to Mr. Francis Ondoy, General Manager of IFE Elevator Philippines, they will handle the Sales, Marketing, Installation, Maintenance and After-Sales service elements. He also said, "we already have the necessary resources and competent technical personnel that will take care of all concerns regarding the business." Manufacturing aspect will remain in China since demand isn't that much yet but according to IFE China executive Mr. Jason Bai, they are hopeful that in the years to come, possibly they can put-up a manufacturing plant in the Philippines as well.

IFE elevator brand is known not only in China but also in major countries such as Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia (in the ASEAN region); India, Bangladesh and Pakistan (in South Asia); United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Bahrain and Iran (in Middle East); Nigeria, Congo and Rwanda (in Africa); Venezuela, Chile and Bolivia (in South America); and in Australia.

What will make the IFE brand competitive in the Philippine market?

  • the flexibility of its designs which can ably suit the needs of clients or builders
  • excellent technical support and after-sales services which are very essential in elevator business however often neglected by existing big brands.
  • competitive pricing scheme, a much reduced cost but without compromising the quality of its products and services

IFE Elevators will assure clients of utmost quality. The brand is classified as a triple "A" elevator manufacturer in China, certified ISO-compliant (ISO9001:2008, ISO4001), and supported by a dynamic and innovative research and development team of engineers and technical personnel to help continuously improve and provide users with reliable and intelligent vertical transport solution designs.

For the Philippine market, IFE Elevator Philippines will offer several products such as Vertical Lifts, elevator types such as Passenger and Freight, Hospital Bed, Scenic or Panoramic, "Dumbwaiter", and Home Lifts. For now they are targetting mid-rise building constructions as clients.

Lastly, Mr. Ondoy emphasized that the Philippine company is confident about the elevator technology that IFE elevators will provide to the local market since they have been in elevator design and installation for more than 20 years already. Proudly saying that, IFE elevators also possess the same level of accuracy, safety and quality that our more established counterparts have.

To know more about IFE Elevators and its products, visit http://www.ifelift.com or http://www.ife.cn.

I - Innovative, F - Faithful, E - Efficient.

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