Sunday, October 23, 2011

WIN Free T-Shirt

Tatak Lokal will be giving away THREE customized shirts with the URL of your blog as the print!
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Yummy Sunday: Baptism Celebration

My entry
These are the food we had for my son's baptism last December 2009.  My relatives (mother, aunts, uncles, cousins) helped me prepare them.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pink Friday #93 Baptismal Giveaway

It will be the first time I am joining this Friday meme, which I've longed wanted.  Finally I was able to finish my post.
Sharing my pink.

This is the giveaway I made for my niece baptismal some years back.  Actually she is now 9 years old.  I am fond of making crafts and usually I did the giveaways for my nieces and nephews birthdays and baptisms.  The materials, I purchased them from Divisoria, but sometimes if I am too busy to go to Manila, I just buy them locally.
If you also wanted to join this meme, click here to link-up.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pinoy Recipe Gadget Giveaway

Lucky readers will get a chance to win these gadgets.
The prizes are:
  • 1st Prize: (1 unit)  Apple Ipod Shuffle
  • 2nd Prize: Sun Cellular Broadband Internet USB Modem with Free 45 hours or US$30 Gift Card via Amazon
  • 3rd Prize: (1 unit) Logitech Wireless Mouse M215 or US$20 Gift Card via Amazon
  • Consolation Prize: 3 pieces PinoyRecipe T-Shirts to 3’s readers.
Contest ends October 31, 2011. Click here for complete details. 

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Sportswear Attire

Next week Ivan will be joining the sportsfest activity in their school.  His teacher had just told me that he is one of the candidates for "Little Mr. Sportsfest".  Ha! ha! therefore he needs to have a sportswear attire, some talent to show and a bright mind for the question and answer.

Anyway, I need to think over and over what should possibly be his attire.  I don't like the "basketball" wear because it is just too common, neither I don't want to spend some money just to buy new set of clothes.  What I did is just to go over his cabinet, and voila!

I found this never worn pair of white shirts/shorts, it was given during his baptism.  Gladly, it still fits him and I just bought the headband and the wristband for P20.00 in a SST just across the street.  His racket, found among the files of toys and I got an instant TENNIS PLAYER. Does he look like the veteran champion Andre Agassi or Rafael Nadal?

For the talent portion, he will dance "Baby Baby" by Justin Bieber :D hahayz no big deal.

Toy Stories #19 JokerMobile

This will be the first time I am joining this meme and I think I will gonna love it here because I have a 3y old boy who owns lots of toys and daily, something is being added to his toy corner.

This afternoon I did some errands and of course I tag along my little boy Ivan.  Before we went home he asked me if we can have some ice cream at McDo? Actually it's the sundae that he wants, our favorite he!he!

Of course, aside from sundae, there's Happy Meal.  So we got this toy together with a burger and drinks which goes to mommy giay.

Also included are some tiny stickers which you can use to decorate the car.  I was kinda emote because Ivan requested me to help him put on the sticker.  While I was doing it, I was thinking of my hubby because he should be the one doing it for our son.  But since he is away from us, mommy needs to do it.  Honestly, I need to read carefully the instructions to where and which part of the mini-car a particular sticker should be pasted.  anyway, after a few minutes, SUCCESS!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

StyleNSoul Giveaway!

What you can win!

A hefty set of prizes from her Blogapalooza event.
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

BC Bloggers: Newest Link

I've just joined them!

BC Bloggers is a way of helping other bloggers.

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September Rains

We have had experienced several thypoons this month of September.  Felt sorry for those places that until now are submerged in flood waters.  Just keeping them in my prayers that later things will turn out good for them.

Anyway as I continue joining online contests and promos this month, these are what I got.

from (Pasko sa Agosto Caravan)

domain name and EC unitsfrom

from Purple Plum Fairy and Fashion Blendz
they say its raining Biogesic gift packs :) yeah! I got 3 packs for the win.
those Nescafe clicks paid off; redeemed 2 T-shirts
Smart Steps baby products given during the Parentin TV mommy bloggers event
Check out my product review here

from Lee Kum Kee Cooking Festival
I won this during the event.  My little boy likes it so much.

I get to take home a nice foldable mattress as well.

FREE Athena Milk Samples, finally they arrived!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Chic & Sassy Homemaker Giveaway

 One (1) winner gets the following:

  • SPArkle GC for choice of one (1) service : 
  • One Hour Massage/Jump Start Facial/ Basic Hot Oil

  • Galileo Free 2-Week Scholarship for Math or English Program 
  • for Kids 3-12 years old

  • ForMe Jasmin Body Spray

  • Tripologie Php 500 Gift Card

  • White Slap Watch from Freestyle Ballers
  • Lay Bare Multi-Puprose Pouch, Hand Sanitizer with Holder, Soothing Cream 

  • Promo ends October 15, 2011.  
    Click here  for detailed mechanics of this giveaway.  

    StinkyKids Dolls and "StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors" - Book Review and Giveaway!

    Get a chance to win this.
    "StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors" book Won the 2011 Silver Mom's Choice Award for the best Children's Picture book! The Mom's Choice Awards (MCA) is a prestigious awards program that recognizes authors, inventors, companies, parents and others for their efforts in creating quality family-friendly media, products, and services. 

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    Saturday, October 8, 2011

    Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #25

    I have been almost completely shut out of the techie world for about a week now because my internet connection is in very poor status.  According to my ISP, that is, Digitel, there is currently a problem with their overseas cable links.  Whatever it is, hopefully they'll be able to fix it as soon as possible, or else, I may also likely lose my part-time online job.

    Anyway, amidst this problem I am still joining this weekly meme of mommy bloggers.  I will just try to update and keep it up at the internet shop though I dislike going there because of the noisy kids.  Its difficult to concentrate, more so, if I wanted to write something.

    This week task is GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT (mine is on the right side bar).

    1.  Make a blog post with the WBFC Badge to welcome all participants. Make sure your blog post has links to this week’s sponsors: Tetchie_She and GEORYL: Welcome to Our World
    2. Submit your blog post and comment to the linky tool  HERE. Not your homepage URL.
    3. Visit other participating blogs and leave a comment at our fellow participants’ welcome post that you have followed them thru Google Friend Connect.
    4. Please also leave a comment below if you have done so. 

    Thanks and happy following everyone.

    Friday, October 7, 2011

    Getting Back!

    Whew! I was out of touch for about a week, that is, no internet connection.  My ISP, Digitel Philippines accordingly have had trouble with their overseas cable links thus causing the slow down of the internet connection.  There is connection but it will take forever to open a page and then you'll get stuck there.  

    I recently started with my part-time job as English online tutor but because of this very unfateful event I already received penalties. 

    Just tonight, the service was back and hopefully things will get better again.

    Sunday, October 2, 2011

    Mommy's Smart Steps Review

    Who said "I'm glad I made a smart step".  In a recent mommy bloggers event that I attended, Ms. Tintin Bersola-Babao, a well-known TV personality and doting mom to her kids Antonia and Nio introduced us to the latest baby brand that's hitting the market lately.

    photo courtesy of Make or Break
     SMART STEPS, a brand that offers a line of products that is specially formulated for babies and young children to provide mommies safe alternatives for modern child rearing.
    I am a meticulous mom myself.  I only want the best for my son and therefore I am very careful in choosing the product that I uses.  My priority is the safety and quality of the products that I am buying.  But I don't really go for expensive brands. I am a full-time mom and my husband is the only one providing the finances and therefore my way of helping him out is to be budget-wise.

    Smart Steps Baby Laundry Detergent and Baby Fabric Softener are safer and milder for use on your little one's.  They are both hypoallergenic and do not contain harmful chemicals that are normally found in regular detergents and regular fabric softeners.

    When it comes to my kid's clothes, honestly I hand wash them especially the white ones.  When he was newborn I even ironed each one of the little cloth as instructed by my mother.  Accordingly, it should be done to take away all the germs sticking to the fabric because baby's skin is sensitive. But now he's grown-up, the washing machine helps me a lot but I am still concern with regards to safety.

    So when we were given Smart Steps during the event, I really can't wait to get home and test the product myself.

    Our home is of rowhouse-type and I don't have an open area to hang my laundry.  Most often, I wash and spin the clothes in the washing machine and hang them inside the house.  To keep the clothes smell nice, as we all know, especially this rainy days.  There is need to put lots of fabric conditioner otherwise there'll be need to wash them again especially when not dried properly.  The best thing is to let the sun dried them up which I don't have, "sunshine inside the room".

    When I used Smart Steps, my son's clothes smells so nice even without sunshine drying. Ivan told me, "mommy bango".  Mommy's achievement, right?

    The Baby Bottle and Nipple Cleanser, is likewise made from natural and edible ingredients.  Thus, clinically proven non-toxic and safe for our babies.  It is perfect for cleaning feeding bottles, nipples, teats, utensils and even toys.

    My son is already 3 years old but still drinks milk from the bottle.  Well, a dilemna for me because I still can't wean him from his bottle.  And yes, just like having a newborn I still always purchase feeding bottles (colored ones), nipples and bottle cleanser.  I really don't use the advertized dishwashing liquid for my son's feeding bottles.  Smart Step is a good alternative for me because now I need not spend so much on more expensive brand of bottle cleanser.

    Smart Steps is made by EVEolution, Inc., a company that specializes in baby and mommy products that are proven to be the mildest and safest in its category.  It is a product of mommy researches, experimentations and scrutiny, with the guidance of top laboratory experts.

    Smart Steps products are now available in selected supermarkets, groceries, department stores and baby-specialty stores. Find here the suggested retail prices.

    Visit Smart Steps at Also find them on Facebook and Twitter

    Saturday, October 1, 2011

    Cebu Pacific Sale!

    I had an exciting day yesterday because I was able to book our holiday ticket for Brunei.  Yes! its a wish granted that we'll be able to visit my husband this coming Christmas season.

    Cebu Pacific's "OctoBREAK na Promo" made this possible with one-way ticket as low as P1,488.00.  Inclusive of all the taxes, it costs me less than P10k.  So how's that for a grand vacation.  Ivan was so glad when I told him about the trip, yeah! he was so excited.  It means endless free fun ride at Jerudong Playground. 

    Check it out, seat sale is only until October 3, 2011 or until seats last.