Friday, October 21, 2011

Sportswear Attire

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Next week Ivan will be joining the sportsfest activity in their school.  His teacher had just told me that he is one of the candidates for "Little Mr. Sportsfest".  Ha! ha! therefore he needs to have a sportswear attire, some talent to show and a bright mind for the question and answer.

Anyway, I need to think over and over what should possibly be his attire.  I don't like the "basketball" wear because it is just too common, neither I don't want to spend some money just to buy new set of clothes.  What I did is just to go over his cabinet, and voila!

I found this never worn pair of white shirts/shorts, it was given during his baptism.  Gladly, it still fits him and I just bought the headband and the wristband for P20.00 in a SST just across the street.  His racket, found among the files of toys and I got an instant TENNIS PLAYER. Does he look like the veteran champion Andre Agassi or Rafael Nadal?

For the talent portion, he will dance "Baby Baby" by Justin Bieber :D hahayz no big deal.

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