Thursday, October 13, 2011

September Rains

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We have had experienced several thypoons this month of September.  Felt sorry for those places that until now are submerged in flood waters.  Just keeping them in my prayers that later things will turn out good for them.

Anyway as I continue joining online contests and promos this month, these are what I got.

from (Pasko sa Agosto Caravan)

domain name and EC unitsfrom

from Purple Plum Fairy and Fashion Blendz
they say its raining Biogesic gift packs :) yeah! I got 3 packs for the win.
those Nescafe clicks paid off; redeemed 2 T-shirts
Smart Steps baby products given during the Parentin TV mommy bloggers event
Check out my product review here

from Lee Kum Kee Cooking Festival
I won this during the event.  My little boy likes it so much.

I get to take home a nice foldable mattress as well.

FREE Athena Milk Samples, finally they arrived!

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