Friday, October 21, 2011

Toy Stories #19 JokerMobile

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This will be the first time I am joining this meme and I think I will gonna love it here because I have a 3y old boy who owns lots of toys and daily, something is being added to his toy corner.

This afternoon I did some errands and of course I tag along my little boy Ivan.  Before we went home he asked me if we can have some ice cream at McDo? Actually it's the sundae that he wants, our favorite he!he!

Of course, aside from sundae, there's Happy Meal.  So we got this toy together with a burger and drinks which goes to mommy giay.

Also included are some tiny stickers which you can use to decorate the car.  I was kinda emote because Ivan requested me to help him put on the sticker.  While I was doing it, I was thinking of my hubby because he should be the one doing it for our son.  But since he is away from us, mommy needs to do it.  Honestly, I need to read carefully the instructions to where and which part of the mini-car a particular sticker should be pasted.  anyway, after a few minutes, SUCCESS!

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  1. hi there!! welcome to toy stories!!! :D

    Ay grabe nung nsa pinas dn kme araw araw may toy ehehhe lalu n ang gands ng freebies ng mcdo :D tahnks for sharing your toy with us. Till next week! :)

  2. my first time to join too the toy stories ^.^

    sharing my post