Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Smart Parenting Meet and Greet

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 I am an avid reader of the Smart Parenting magazine and frequents a lot their website.  Basically because as a first time mom, its where I am getting most of the essential parenting tips I need. Yesterday afternoon was spent with other mommies and blogger friends at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel for the Smart Parenting Meet and Greet Event.
I am indeed one of the lucky moms who was given an invitation.
The foods served are all yummy!!! Of course, I like the dessert part best of all.
The beautiful Miss Mia Fausto-Cruz, Editor-in-chief of SP magazine welcomed everyone.   
Ms. Aileen Santos, a Relationship Coach talks on "How to Raise Successful and Happier Kids with the Power of your WORDS".  According to her, words are so powerful such we should avoid using negative words to our children because it will stick to their mind and might carry it forever that will characterized them as a failure. The information she shared were so informative, and yes I felt guilty that I am one of those at times uses negative words to my son when he is naughty.  Now I know its not late yet to retract everything.

She also shared a study done by Marau Emoto and his water crystals experiment.  The results are really awesome. 
photos taken from the web
The highlight of the program is wherein mommies were grouped together with some SP staff for a 45-minute Focus Group Discussion, the aim of which is to solicit insights on what we would like to see more on the magazine and the website.  I think the given time was so short because our group's discussion was so enlightening.  All the mommies seated at our table gave a lot of suggestions and wonderful comments. It was also an opportunity to know more the powerful women behind this magazine.  As well as be acquainted with other mommy participants.

I am also glad to see again my mommy friends from PMC.  Took time to pose together at the event wall.
 L-R, Me, Mauie, Levy and Pehpot. (photo courtesy of Pehpot)

And thank you again SP for your gifts.

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