Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Super Mom

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In an Ascof event held at SM Calamba last August 27 - 28, 2011, I nominated our dearest mother and she indeed won.
Prize for my mom is P20,000 cash and I also won P3,000 as nominator. We are now awaiting call from the organizer when the prize money will be available.

By the way, it makes our mom one of the finalist for "Ascof Mother of the Year" wherein bigger prize money is at stake  P50,000 and P7,000 for the nominator. Crossing our fingers now.  

Indeed we are so proud of her winning this contest, more than the reward money is the acknowledgment and wishes from our friends and relatives that our mother truly deserves this recognition.

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  1. wow!ano ba qualifications for that contest mommy Gi?

  2. Hi, mommy Vee :) thanks for dropping by. To send entries for that contest, 500 words essay why your nominee should be chosen as super mom.

    The contest has already ended, and we are just awaiting for the announcement of the grand winner!