Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dolan for Faster Fever Relief

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What makes us mommies worries a lot? Most of the time it is when our child is sick or not feeling well. Yesterday morning, my little boy woke up with a fever.  I am having difficulty giving him medicine because the same with other kids he does not like the taste of meds even it is fruit-flavored. So I knew I am into another battle.  Indeed my guess was right! After so many arguments, whether I will use a teaspoon or cup dispenser, to drink water first or right after.  But anyway, to my surprise it was a success.  

Guess what? this time I gave him another brand, not the usual I am giving him when he has fever.  Got this from the PMC event, I won a Unilab gift pack containing Dolan drops, suspension, digital thermometer, soft pillow, backpack, and pencils with very cute tops. 

I gave Ivan the Dolan FP-Forte, then he told me "thank you mommy, just give me this one always and I will drink it".  I am so happy, more so, after less than an hour his fever subside and no more throughout the day.  He is back in his normal "kakulitan".  I need to remind him not to play so much because he might get sick again.  

The Dolan FP Forte Suspension, is an orange-colored and orange-flavored suspensions using the TasteRite Technology. TasteRite technology is a unique tastemasking system developed specifically for liquid dosage forms. This technology significantly reduces the bitterness of medicine so that children taste the flavor and not the medicine.
Thank you Dolan for making my son trust me when it comes to fever relief.  Now no more battles and long arguments.  But hopefully, my son will no longer have recurring fever.  I knew it might just be due to the current weather changes where it is now getting colder especially during late afternoon and at night.

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