Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And so it is Measles!

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My little boy Ivan had some rashes which began about a week ago.  It started as little red spots on his tummy and his back which I just assumed as simple prickly heat.  After another three days, Friday last week he had high fever 39 degrees Celsius, just in time after a stressful school activity.  It was their 3-day sportsfest and he also joined the search for Little Mr. Sportsfest.  Another assumption that he got tired from about a week-long daily practice for the contest, har!har!

Anyway, next day we visited his pediatrician for some peace of mind, final diagnosis was congested tonsil.  He was prescribed with antibiotics (which I hate so much) and paracetamol, in case the fever came back.  Nothing was said about his red spots.
After another two days, it was monday morning, he woke up with some more red spots appearing on his face and arms, just a few of them.  I thought they were just insect bites because yesterday I allowed him to play freely since he had no more fever.

But then again, a fearful mom in me, suspecting it might be dengue.  We went to the hospital for the Dengue NS 1 Antigen test, and the result was negative.  So it isn't dengue at all, thanks!

But waking up this morning, the red spots has spread almost all over his face, body, arms and legs.  It wasn't itchy at all because I didn't see Ivan scratching.

Again, another trip to the hospital.  The lady doctor on duty at the emergency room said she can't make any final diagnosis because she is not sure what it was.  Well, calming myself that she's maybe a new doctor.  We waited for an agonizing two (2) hours for the senior doctor to come and give the final diagnosis. During those waiting hours at the hospital ER, Ivan was already having tantrums and making fuss about going to the mall.  Yes, even he's feeling a little bad, going to the mall is always a priority for him.

Finally, I was told my little boy has MEASLES.

So what is measles?  According to the World Health Organization, measles is a highly contagious, serious disease caused by a virus in the paramyxovirus family. The measles virus normally grows in the cells that line the back of the throat and lungs. Measles is a human disease and is not known to occur in animals. 

Ivan had measles vaccine when he was one-year old.  Accordingly, vaccine does not guarantee 100% being-free from disease health condition like this one.  Nevertheless, the doctor assured me as well that today's, strain are less contagious especially when vaccine was administered. I was advised to put my son in proper isolation so as not to afflict other kids.  Drinking lots of water is also necessary, as well as taking vitamin supplements to increase his immune system (whew! this is the hardest part for now, Ivan doesn't want to take any medicines).  

Hopefully, Ivan will have speed recovery.  He was so sad because I told him he needs to stay indoors for several days until his rashes totally disappears.  That means, he can't play with his cousins, he was in tears and it was a heartbreaking moment for mommy giay.

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