Monday, February 28, 2011

Introducing Complementary Foods

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* Introduce one new food at a time. Continue with the same food for 3 to 4 days.
* Start with small amounts of any food - a teaspoonful or less.
* Use thin puree consistency when starting solid foods. Gradually shift to a more viscous food with higher nutrient density.
* Never force an infant to eat.
* If baby objects to taking some food, mix it with other foods he likes until he becomes accustomed to the flavor.
* If after several trials, the baby refuses to eat a particular food, omit it for a week or two, then try again. If the dislike persists, omit entirely and substitute with another food or similar nutritional value.

* Foods maybe seasoned slightly. Salt should not be added to the diet of the infant before the age of 1 year, since the baby's maturing kidneys cannot handle sodium efficiently.

* When baby is able to chew, gradually switch to finely chopped vegetables, fruits, fish, and meats. Do not continue soft smooth foods for too long.
* A mother's dislike for a particular food must not reflect in the choice of foods for the baby.

SOURCE: Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos (FNRI-DOST, 2000)

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