Wednesday, October 3, 2012


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Our Mom is our do-all, know-all true friend and as some people say, our “bestest best” friend in the world. Nothing she says or does will make us look or feel bad; most of the time, she is our comforter when we are depressed, our companion when we are alone, and our reliable problem-solver.

And she’s even more unfailing when it comes to her family’s health, especially her kids. She is our round-the-clock reminder when it comes to telling us to take our medicines when we are sick, to drink a glass of milk either before going to bed or during breakfast, or brushing our teeth before and after meals.

Speaking of brushing our teeth, this is something that most kids forget—well, don’t like—to follow no matter how much they love their Moms. However, lesson is learned later when their teeth begins to ache because of tooth decay.

When we eat, food particles get stuck in the teeth, especially in between brushing and flossing. These food particles contain sugars and acids that may destroy minerals in the teeth that, in turn, trigger a chemical reaction that causes the tooth enamel to tarnish and erode fast, thus making it weak and brittle. But tooth decay can be avoided by eating a well-balanced diet, brush, flossing regularly, brushing the teeth with a fluoride-based toothpaste, and visiting the dentist at least twice a year.

And for added measure, Moms can give their kids’ teeth a little “exercise” to be fit enough for stronger, harder and bigger bites and bring back lost teeth minerals through “remineralization” by getting into the habit of chewing a dental health gum such as Lotte Xylitol Neo.

Highly recommended by dentists, Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum has xylitol, a natural sugar that helps stop the growth of cavity-causing bacteria to help reduce the risk of tooth decay. Plus, the “calcium phosphates” of Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum is the mineral mainly responsible in helping “remineralize” or rebuild your teeth. With just 2 pellets 4-5 times a day of Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum, imagine the tremendous benefits to your kids’ teeth.

So who says kids can’t bite more than they can chew? From now on, your kids can say goodbye to weak teeth and say hello to good, strong bites by helping their teeth become stronger with a little help from Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum!

Sold and distributed in the Philippines by Lotte Confectionary (Pilipinas) Corp., Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum, which comes in Fresh Mint, Blueberry Mint and Lime Mint, is available at leading supermarkets, major drugstores and convenience stores.

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