Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflections of 2012

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The year will end with 50k++ site views, 4k++ FB page likes, 2k++ twitter followers and alexa ranks of 318k.  More than those statistics which I've tried hard to work on as accordingly, it may mean nothing to others but I knew having those figures still yields some results.

This year 2012, I had been more active in the blogging sphere. I got to connect with more bloggers and eventually became friends with them. Joining blog syndication had been a lot of help to increase my site's traffic and to get to know more bloggers, meeting them in person in events were more than exciting (thanks to the FBW bloggers event).

Ok, so more than those statistics that I was able to get this year, the following year I would like to remain as a blogger, just loving this job and hobby. Still a newbie here and I know I still have lots of things to learn and to learn from fellow bloggers.  Educating oneself is a challenging task especially for someone like me with my life just around the four corners of our home and my dailies built around my little boy Ivan and hubby who will soon be coming home for good.

Thank you all my dear readers and I would like to see you again by tomorrow for a fresh start and a NEW YEAR for all of us.  May the good Lord guide us always and keep us healthy and bounty. May He continue to shower us with all his blessings and strengthen us amidst all the trials that may come in our life. May we be free from sickness and dangers. 

Let us not forget to pray for our fellow men in other parts of the world who are suffering and may not be enjoying what we have right now, that they might be able to find solace as well.

Peace for all.

** mommygiay**

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