Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wear it Your Way with Wacoal

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Wearing the correct undergarments is sometimes one thing that is often neglected. According to some studies, about 80% of women wears the wrong bra size. But its not only about wearing the correct size that is important. Another factor to consider is how it will appear underneath the clothing or how fashionable an undergarment can look like. 

And how to get that perfect and fashionable look. There are various ways.

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 1. Wear it the conventional way - underneath a shirt or any tops

image taken from the web

2. Strapless - just perfect for gowns or some night outfit 

image taken from the web

3. One sided - wear it for some everyday classic one shoulder dress

Whatever way it is, it is but important to consider how you can wear it comfortably and with style.

Just like Wacoal, who believes that every woman is made beautiful. Such their creations are made to fit the everyday needs of women to connote, comfort, style and fashion. 

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  1. I've a fave wacoal bra its their bandeau with removal 4 way straps