Monday, June 16, 2014

The Lopez Holdings Corporation Stronger as Ever

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Formerly the Benpres Holding Corporation, the Lopez Holdings Corporation is the flagship company of the Lopez Group of Companies. The company is currently engaged in the public service and utilities sector in the Philippines. Established by Mr. Eugenio Lopez Sr., it is now being run by his son Mr. Eugenio Lopez Jr.

Among their businesses in the media and telecommunications sector are the ABS-CBN Corporation, one of the largest radio and TV network; the Sky Cable Corporation, with its recent acquisition of Destiny Cable Corporation they are now the leader in cable TV programming; and Bayan Telecommunications. The most recent is their venture in mobile services with the launch of ABS-CBN mobile through a network sharing agreement with Globe Telecom. The latter being one of the major mobile service provider in the country.

Other company ventures are in power generation; power distribution, being part-owner of Meralco, the biggest in electric distribution in most part of the Philippines. They are also engaged in real estate and infrastructure development and in manufacturing, as well as in services such as the Bayad Center and the Asian eye Institute.

The Lopez Holdings received a total of P942 in cash dividends from its investees in 2013: P179 million from ABS-CBN and P763 million from FPH. This compares with P865 million in cash dividends received in 2012: P357 million from ABS-CBN and P508 million from FPH; and P1.446 billion in cash dividends received in 2011: P938 million from ABS-CBN and P508 million from FPH.

The year 2013 marked its 20 years in investing in the Filipinos and the whole nation as well. Experiencing many challenges, ups and downs; however the company remained resilient. As highlighted in its 2013 Annual Report, it sways just like a bamboo and just come out stronger throughout the years.

A full information about the Lopez Holdings and its subsidiaries is available in its Definitive Information Statement, Annual Report 17A, and Annual Corporate Governance Report.

The company recently had its annual stockholders meeting, it will be interesting to know what the shareholders has agreed upon, to make the company stronger as ever and remain to be as it is.

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