Monday, December 1, 2014

Unboxing the Kahone Arts and Crafts Box

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Got this very intriguing box from Play Date Soon event.

While still riding the bus on our way back, my little boy Ivan would like to readily open it but I requested him to wait until we got home which he agreed.

So upon reaching home, while I am still busy settling all out things, he got himself busy with the Kahone box and he was so surprised getting all of these.

Inside the box were various activity crafts sealed individually in plastic cases. What we got was the October box and accordingly the month’s theme is “Around the World”. There were descriptions and step-by-step instructions for each activity.

Ivan was so excited and he seems had difficulty deciding which one to do first. He even told me if he can do all of them tonight, LOL! So I had to explain that each craft should be done one at a time daily so that he can fully understand and enjoy himself doing it.

So his very first project was the necklace made out of macaroni noodles. He had the noodles painted individually with the provided poster color. Afterwards, he stringed each one of them. And voila! A very colorful necklace for MommyGiay.

What is a Kahone? Kahone is a monthly subscription themed activity box that was created out of passion for some hands-on fun that promotes learning as well. Each box contains all the materials and instructions for 3 – 4 activities revolving about one theme that a parent and a child can do together.

Ivan's finished project from October Kahone Box
What’s great about it? A Kahone box is delivered to your doorstep monthly. It will save you time and effort going to the craft store and finding those interactive projects.
Want to give Kahone a try? Subscribe one now! You may begin with a single box purchase or sign up at the subscription options.

Visit their website for more details. You may also like and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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