Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Revisiting Baguio City: Day 2

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The main purpose of our Baguio trip was because my niece Patty will take her Fine Arts talent test at UP Baguio. She just passed UPCAT and she was destined for Baguio although her preference is to forego her UPCAT admission and pursue the Certificate in Fine Arts Program in UP Diliman. According to her, Diliman still is her top choice because here is where are the "true artsy artsy" peeps. But she did not indicate Diliman as a campus choice for better chances of admission (ha!ha! mind busting decisions). Anyway, while awaiting the result of her Diliman talent test, she needs to confirm with the UP Baguio schedule.

We also tagged along "Tatay", despite he has some difficulty walking lately he enjoys going out with us on family trip. My mother prefers to stay home and look after her sari-sari store. Actually, its true that not all of us the whole family members go out on a trip at one-time, just a myth or belief.

Ate Flor and my niece Patty headed to UP Baguio today while we took our time going around the usual tourists spots: Mansion, House, Wright Park, Botanical Garden and the Manor Hotel at Camp John Hay.

 Late afternoon, we visited my friend Queenie her delicious pork BBQ. The whole family like it so much and after the very first time we tasted it, its one of those we've been always looking forward everytime we visit her. And we were all caught up in our endless chats that we forgot to take photos. Never mind, at least we wouldn't know that there'll be differences in our looks years after years.

At night my siblings went to the night market. I was left at home to look after the kids and Tatay.

Yeah! one of the highlights of Baguio trip is endless shopping of delicacies and souvenir items.

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