Thursday, September 22, 2016

Brown4Good: A Better Health Among Filipinos

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The Department of Agriculture, in its continuous effort to promote responsible rice consumption that aims to help achieve rice self-sufficiency, increase the income of farmers, and promote better health among Filipinos, the Department of Agriculture (DA)launched on August 30, 2016 the #BROWN4good challenge. The #BROWN4good challenge is a social media propaganda that aims to encourage more Filipinos to eat brown (unpolished) rice regularly in order to get and give the following goodness:

1. Personal goodness. Brown rice has more proteins, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals compared with white polished rice.  Thus, it would make the consumer healthier.

2. Goodness to the farmers.  Farmers could double their income because they will be able to directly market their rice to food establishments and retailers.  On the other hand, consumers would be able to buy it at a lower price.

3. Goodness to the country.  Brown rice has 10% higher milling recovery, thus adding 10% to our rice volume.

4. Goodness to others.  For every challenge completed DA will feed one less fortunate Filipino with brown rice.

The Department of Agriculture also encourages the support of different government agencies to take part in the promotion of unpolished rice, particularly the #BROWN4good challenge through the following:

1. For government agencies' staff  to eat brown rice and start their #BROWN4good challenge networks among their families, friends and colleagues.

2. Make brown rice (cooked and raw) available in their cafeterias.

3. Serve brown rice instead of white rice during events, forums, seminars, trainings, conferences, feeding programs, and other similar activities.

4. Promoting the #BROWN4good challenge to their clientele through quad-media and other services

To take on the #BROWN4good challenge, cook at home or order brown rice from your favorite food establishments, snap a photo of the meal, post it on your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), caption it with #BROWN4good and#(your region), and challenge family and friends to do the same.  For every hastag of #BROWN4good quoted per region, DA will donate a cup of raw brown rice to help feed less fortunate Filipinos in different charities nationwide.  To be counted, however, the account and post must both be set to Public.

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