Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ivan's Summer Class

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How time really flies fast.  Our son Ivan Derek is now 2y and 9mos. old and getting ready for school.  So we have decided to enrol him in a Toddler's Summer Class to prepare him for the big event this coming school year.  It was a home-based school located within the village.  The main objective is for him to learn to associate with other kids, how to share toys, behave and follow rules, and eat together.

The school hour is 9:00 to 10:30am so Ivan is now learning how to wake up early, that is 8:15 to have enough time to drink his milk, bath and dress-up and get ready for school.  It is a long walk from our house so we just bring his 3-wheel bike or else mommy will carry him all the way which is a difficult thing to do.

The sessions were mostly singing and dancing together; artwork, story-telling and swimming in inflatable pool during Fridays.

Initially there were only 3 of them, later in the week the number increased to 7.  Imagine all of them were little boys.  Thanks to Teacher Bhel, she was really patient and very good in handling these kids.

The first week lesson were shapes and colors.  I was really caught in awe as Ivan can now identify the basic shapes and he's really good at it.  

I'll make another post for Ivan's art works and their Friday swimming  So excited for this.

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