Tuesday, April 12, 2011

REAL MOM REVIEWS: Bamboo Nature Diaper Giveaway

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What are mommies concerns when it comes to diapering? The greatest concern for parents is to keep their baby’s skin dry, healthy and free from diaper rash.

Which is best? cloth diapers OR disposable diapers?

What about the mpact of disposable diapers and cloth diapers on the environment? Do we have answer for this? 

YES: We would like to introduce you to Bamboo Nature diapers

Bamboo Nature diapers are just like ordinary disposables, but they have a much lower eco footprint. Bambo Nature diapers are both ultra-thin and ultra-absorbent with a unique layer that draws wetness away from baby’s skin, keeping baby dry and comfortable even with repeat wetting. This is the best part if this diaper.

Bambo Nature has offered Real Mom Review Readers an amazing giveaway!

There will be  2 winners of the Grand Prize which is a case of Bamboo Nature diapers!
and 5 Runners Up will win a bag of Bamboo Nature diapers!

(Winners Choice of Size) 

Click HERE for complete details of contest mechanics.

Giveaway ends May 6, 2011 

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