Sunday, June 12, 2011

First Day of School

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June 6 marks the day Ivan formally enters school.  It will be a new world for him, new faces, new challenges.

His new school is just located within the village.  Smart Kids Integrated School (B89 L25 Ph4 Villa de Calamba, Lamesa, Calamba City, Laguna), owned and managed by Ms. Margie Almazan

This will be the door he will enter for his schooling for the next 10 months.

Used to be his school service in going to his toddler class last month, now we just take a tricycle ride.  The school is not really far from home but I think will be tiring for Ivan to walk going there.
 Recess time: enjoying his Dutch Mill yoghurt milk and biscuits.  That his usual "baon" to school.  Lately, after his school hours he is requesting me to rush home because he wanted to take his "mimi" (milk).

Watch for my next post, Ivan will start wearing his school uniform next week.  Mommy giay is excited to see him in his new suit.  My neighbor friends as well would like to know how he will look like in his school polo, shorts and matching black shoes. 

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