Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Poor Wacky Baby

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I didn't know my son Ivan had this picture, only lately my sister forwarded it to me.  This was taken when he was 8 months old (he is turning 3  this coming June 26).  Now I remember it, taken about 2 summer's ago when we went on swimming in a private resort just near our place.  So it was my brother in-law who pinched his cheeks.  My poor baby! was it because he had those not-so chubby cheeks that my BIL got fascinated with?  And he didn't even cried because I heard no one cried then.

How excited for this one, coming soon! A D.I.Y. Sqwishland Virtual Pet .This cool product lets you design your very own Ultra Rare Sqwishlander. Using the special included code you can post your creation to your own personal gallery and use the social networking tools to get other people to vote for their favorite design.

Ivan will surely love to have this one as he is fond of making his own creations even at very young age   As a meticulous mom, I want toys for my son that are entertaining and educational as well.  This will also be a perfect belated birthday gift for him.  Might as well for this coming Christmas.

This is my contest entry for Pinayads: Sqwishland Contest .  For detailed mechanics on this giveaway click here

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