Wednesday, January 15, 2014


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A brand that is trusted by most Filipinos and everyone around the world throughout the years has come up with a new look.

Beiersdorf tied up with celebrated industrial designer, Yves Behar, and his award winning firm fuseproject to create a new design language that unifies the look and feel of the world’s number one skincare brand, NIVEA. The multiple award-winning industrial designer is committed to developing products that aren’t just functional, but which also enhance the consumer experience and appeal to their emotions - making it more prominent and easily recognizable on the store shelf. 

NIVEA aims to use the new design language to reconnect with trusted consumers and forge relationships with new ones using a cohesive, holistic design that is striking and contemporary, yet anchored in NIVEA’s storied heritage. 

Thus, this October, NIVEA Body rolled out its new logo along with its new bottle packaging across its entire product line. It is targeted to relay messages of stronger brand recognition and economic sustainability. 

To further enhance the brand’s emotional connection with its consumers, Behar took inspiration from the iconic blue tin of the NIVEA Crème, adapted its look, and restyled it to become the all-new NIVEA brand logo. This also emphasizes how consumers have associated the brand with skincare expertise, quality, and trust through the years. 

Beyond its new design, NIVEA is proud of its new bottle packaging, which was made to be sustainable and environment-friendly. Now in a sleeker finish, every NIVEA Body lotion bottle is made lighter than before. It uses only 15% plastic, and is 100% recyclable - so it’s a choice you can feel good about every time you use NIVEA! 

NIVEA Body’s new design and function directives exhibit how the brand extends its efforts in taking care of the skin to caring for the environment. To get attuned to its users worldwide, NIVEA Body remains committed to developing innovative products that continuously address the consumers’ evolving lifestyle. But no matter what style is in season, the end result remains the same – NIVEA Body effectively repairs dry, dull, and sun damaged skin by keeping skin moisturized - faster, deeper, and longer. 

About NIVEA Philippines
The world’s number one skincare brand is one of the most recognized and trusted skincare brands, proving through the years that care never goes out of style. NIVEA understands skin like no one else. That’s why we create products that cleanse, nourish and protect your skin, while giving it exactly what it needs – gentle yet effective care that keeps your skin smooth, supple, and radiantly beautiful. For more information, visit and like NIVEA Philippines on Facebook at

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  1. Kudos to Nivea! Other skincare brands should do this too :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony