Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Goldilocks Heart-Shaped Mamon

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My little boy Ivan saw this on TV ad and he bothered me for the endless times telling me we need to go to Goldilocks and buy one for him.

Its the newest craze in town, the Goldilocks heart-shaped "mamon".

Sometimes, we Filipinos are connoted as soft-hearted or "pusong mamon" because we are sentimental, we easily cries over soap opera, just mere sad stories make us shed tears. Maybe its because we are culturally family-oriented and we will always have a soft heart not just for our families but for other people as well.

So we wasted no time and rushed to the nearest Goldilocks outlet and grabbed some "mamon. True to its claim, the Goldilocks heart-shaped mamon has a very light texture and tastes so good. Ivan finished one even before we left the store ha!ha!

Just in time for the love month, since its heart-shaped the Goldilocks mamon is a perfect gift for your loved ones. What I also like most about it, is the creamy caramel filling inside.

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