Saturday, March 1, 2014

Introducing AVON Life Kids

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AVON, a brand that is a leader in cosmetics, fashion and home has now come up with one of its newest line of products. Introducing the new AVON Life Kids nutritional supplements.

Just like any other mom, our children's health is a top priority thus we always seek for the best.

Avon Life Kids VITA-GROW is a multivitamin support for growing kids, it contains 8 vitamins and 8 minerals plus:
  • CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) that's high in nutritional value and rich in amino acid and protein that enhances cell growth and increases body mass to promote healthy growth in children
  • Colostrum, a milky fluid that comes from mammals and is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and antibodies that fight bacteria and viruses. Research shows that antibody levels in colostrums can be 100 times higher than levels in regular cow's milk.

Avon Life Kids Vita-Grow is the very first kid's nutritional supplements that is in chewable choco flavor. One bottle contains 60 tablet and sells at 499 pesos.

AVON Life Kids SMARTAMINS contains nutrients that help enhance your child's brain development. It has:
  • DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) an omega-3 fatty acid that is the primary components of the brain. Diet rich in DHA improves mental development, learning ability, and eye vision.
  • Taurine is an amino acid that helps brain development and enhances memory.
  • Zinc helps increase mental performance and cognitive function.

Smartamins sells at 399 pesos with 30 soft gel capsules per bottle.

All of these products are FDA approved.

VITA-GROW and SMARTAMINS are available beginning today at all AVON branches, see your favorite Avon Lady now. You may also like Avon on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for more product updates.

About Avon:

Avon, the company for women, is a leading global beauty company, with over $10 billion in annual revenue. As the world's largest direct seller, Avon markets to women in more than 100 countries through approximately 6.5 million active independent Avon Sales Representatives. Avon's product line includes beauty products, as well as fashion and home products, and features such well-recognized brand names as Avon Color, ANEW, Solutions, Skin-So-Soft, Advance Techniques and Avon Naturals.

In the Philippines, Avon has been in operations since 1978 when it entered the beauty market with the purchase of local beauty company Beautifont. The company name officially changed from Beautifont by Avon to Avon Cosmetics, Inc in 1983. Now Avon Philippines celebrates more than 30 years of making women’s dreams come true through its beauty products, earning opportunities and advocacies.

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  1. Is it also for girls? Boy kac ang drawing sa label and boy din ang model sa brochure.

    1. Hi Ms. Nina, Yes the Avon Life Kids vitamins are good enough for boys and girls. Vitagrow is for kids age 4 and up while the Smartamins is for ages 10 and up. Thank you.