Friday, March 2, 2012

Galileo Book Club Summer Workshop

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The Galileo Book Club, World of Words, is an 8-week literary workshop for grade school students. Besides reading stories that relate to their everyday experiences, they will also learn how to express their creative side through writing and speech performances.

The Storytellers group is for grades 1 to 3 students. Students will learn to practice their listening comprehension skills through an interactive storytelling. They will also become storytellers by creating their own stories based on a featured text.

The Taletellers group is for grades 4 to 6 students. Students will learn to enhance their speaking skills by creatively presenting a story through Readers Theater and Speech Choir.

The workshop will also include group discussions to further develop their comprehension skills in noting details, making inferences, and predicting outcomes. At the end of program, all students will showcase their written work or speech performances at a culminating activity. They will also bring home a collection of the book titles read over the course of the workshop and a compilation of their output.

Learning rate:    Php 4,800 per 8 sessions    
Duration:           Twice a week, 1.5 hours per session

This program is offered in the following Galileo centers:
  Alabang         850.4064
  Batangas       (043)425.4253
  Caloocan      442.0783
  Dumaguete   (035) 422.7665
  Legaspi           810.8506 / 553.6193
  Malabon        447.3371 / 361.2339
  Maharlika       861.1347
  Salcedo          856.1917 / 816.3273 / 892.9143
  Sun Valley       846.6495 / 776.0312
  Valenzuela     355.4719

For more information please call the Galileo Center nearest you, or contact the Head Office at 845.1234. 
Phone:  +632 845 1234
Mobile:  +63 917 895 5756
              +63 918 884 3574
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