Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ivan's Nursery Graduation

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This is my son Ivan when he was just 45 days old.

And this is Ivan today, recently graduating from Nursery School.

We opted to give him an early education, thus he began his formal schooling at age 3.  Because we knew, in our current world (considered as the digital age), there are a lot of things that he already needs to learn apart from everything we are teaching him at home.

Almost all parents say this "education is the only gift we can give to our children", and we would like to adhere to this.  We would like our son to have the best education, to prepare him for his future.  So that someday, when he is already grown-up, he can decide for himself whatever he wants.

This is my first graduation ceremony as a mom myself, yeheyy!  Just like any other parents who were there today at the MonteVista Resort (venue of graduation),  I cannot contained my excitement.  Its just a bit sad that Ivan's dad cannot be with us on this very memorable day.  He is working overseas, earning a living for all of us.

The kids themselves were all so excited.

I kept on nagging at Ivan because he is always holding his graduation cap, afraid that it will fall off from his head. 

Primarily, I would like to thank his ever patient teacher/adviser for taking care of Ivan for the last ten months.  For the guidance she has provided and for instilling into our son, essential first steps of his formal education.

Likewise, for all the other teachers and staff at Smartkids Integrated School for providing a second home for Ivan.

Ang "kukulit nila". 

Wonderin' what's that green lump on his forehead? well he bumped into a wall 2 days ago. Talking about being an active and sometimes naughty kid.

But we are always proud of you Ivan.

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  1. congrats kuya ivan! proud tita gigi! -from Noa :)

  2. Congratulations Ivan!!!