Sunday, March 11, 2012

Health Guide Philippines 2012

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Just like any ordinary mom I am becoming paranoid when my son gets sick or even not feeling well.  Just a slight fever or a day of coughing I will always rush him to his pediatrician or at the hospital ER even during unholy hours.  It was because he had history of hospitalization due to bronchitis when he was just 10 months old, and stayed at the hospital for 5 days.  After that I am always watchful about his health conditions.

Just some weeks ago I received a complementary copy of the Health Guide Philippines 2012 edition. Cheers to UBM Medica for coming up with this guide, its the 17th edition actually.  Also commended by the Philippine Department of Health for this publication which is really helpful for medical practitioners and households nationwide with an advanced and accurate guide to a wide range of medical information.

The guide content is divided into three sections.

I.  Golden Rules for Healthy Living - a discussion on certain healthy rules to live by.  Those that might enable us to live a long and disease-free life.

II. Common Health Topics and Product Guide - this section answer questions on common health problems, offers clear and simple advice on what you can do about them, and gives information on what your doctor may do to treat them.

Also included in this section are relevant over-the-counter medicines and healthcare products, featured at the end of each health topic discussion.

III. First Aid - provides readers with tips and pointers on how to go about emergency cases; how to act in these situations; how to treat injuries caused by accidents.
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Lastly, there is an index, which is an alphabetical listing of all common health topics and products found in the Health Guide.

I find the guide very useful.  Given its size of 17cm x 26.5cm x 1cm, it is very handy just like a small book that I can carry with me everywhere.  Actually I now like reading it once in a while, like a usual magazine or pocketbook.

The information contained herein are very useful, especially for a paranoid (again!) mom like me.  There are colorful illustrations as well.  My son Ivan, himself would like to browse through its pages because he kept on looking at those pictures of fruits and vegetables, kids and moms; and some products that we have around the house.  he'll tell me, "mommy, its the same as what we have!!!"

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  1. This mag is a mom's must have.

  2. HI! Good read here. I will make sure to return to this post when I have little ones who may need extra care for. I'm not a mother yet, but this can post beneficial for those who I know have small kids pa. Thanks for sharing! =)

  3. I never knew such a thing existed. Thanks for the great share. It is a great reading material

  4. I think i need to introduce this mag to my mom.
    I might be interested in reading it too. cus im a health freak!

  5. I am so impressed with you post and appreciated also the effort you’ve put in your blog. Being a mother, we must take good care of our children well because the responsibility of a mother was not easy. Thanks.

    1. Sir, thanks for the appreciation and for viewing my blog.

  6. hi wherre can i buy philippine health guide book?
    i really need it because my copy if already old, 2008 edition.

  7. I always buy love reading this magazine. its very informative.

    visit this facebook page and you can post your question about your eye