Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ivan at MAMS Kiddie Funland

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It was my son Ivan's 3rd birthday last June 26 and we just decided to dine out and have fun at the mall. Got complimentary tickets at MAMS Kiddie Funland courtesy of Ms. Liv's blog contest. The day was therefore spent on a fun-filled afternoon, something memorable for my son.

The day began with lunch at Jollibee, hmmm . . . he never really ate that, mommy giay did.

This is what Ivan got for lunch . . . as usual . . . MILK!

Tried out the mini-rides, he chose the Thomas cart.

At first he is afraid to go down the giant inflatable slide but when he got used to it he was unstoppable.
Energy exhausted . . . time to refill.

Hope to see you again MAMS . . . till the next visit.

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