Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jes is Thirty . . . Birthday Giveaway

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What was my most memorable birthday experience?

I never had any debut (18th) birthday party at all.  But the following year was my 19th birthday and my mom afforded a simple celebration for me with my UPLB classmates and friends in attendance. Wanna see the pictures?

Now, let's head to another birthday party, woohoo!!!  Jes is turning thirty and she's inviting everyone to join.


And she would like to thank all her sponsors who made this occasion possible.

So let's all come to the party and get a chance to win these prizes.

$80 CASH
$50 CASH
$30 CASH
-o-Top 3 Commentators -o-
$20 CASH PLUS ACCESSORIES from Pink Fortune
$10 CASH

-o- Most “MEMORABLE BIRTHDAY PARTY” answer, -o-
 $20  CASH PLUS DOMAIN with Free 1 Year Hosting from Rabago Family Escapade worth $20*

Oh, you wanna know how to get there? OK, take this ride
See you all there!!!

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