Monday, August 29, 2011

Busy Monday

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Hello everyone! how's your monday morning?
Finally the sun is up and shining now :) goodbye rains.
It is a regular non-working holiday today which means no school for my little boy.
But it's a NO holiday for SAHM  like me.
Since the sun is up and shining brightly, an opportunity to do the laundry.  I still prefer our clothes to be sun-dried, they smell better even without those fabcon.
I am tapping keyboards at the same time sipping my coffee.
Yeah! that's how versatile mommy giay is :P
Barney keeps Ivan preoccupied so he is not disturbing me for now.
I do hope it will take time for him to realize that he wanted to watch Barney online.
I don't know why he sometimes insists that or it's just he wanted to annoy mommy giay so he can share the computer with me.
Later it will be chat time with daddy who works overseas.  Thanks to new technology, homesickness at least is lessened.
I need to do some errands outside later today.
Running up my mind, what we'll gonna have for dinner (lunch is already set).
Ok, cheers everyone!

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