Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rainy Sunday

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Yes its a rainy day today.! We woke up late at 9am because we got tired last night waiting for the electricity service to be back. Accordingly, a nearby electric transformer got busted causing blackout within the village vicinity.  Oh! I didn't hear any explosion.  It was real agony as it began at 9:30pm until about 11pm.  I need to fan my little boy Ivan until he gets sleep amidst all the sweating, need to change his shirt several times.  Ok, I stayed up late to do my giveaway post for Pasko sa Agosto and submit it for approval. It's on-going, join me if you want to win a Tupperware Set.

Going back to Sunday stint, mommy giay prepared this for breakfast.

Ivan wants his pancake topped with cheese, and of course his ever favorite Dutchmill youghurt milk.

After breakfast we began reviewing for his exam tomorrow. First day it will be Reading and Language courses, his not-so favorite subjects.  No worry for mommy because second day it will be Mathematics and Science.  Yeheyyy! that's his favorite.

In between reviews he is busy with his new puzzle book.

 Ouch! can you see the holes on his shirt :) its a fav wear can't throw that one out or else . . .

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