Sunday, August 28, 2011

Free Hair and Make-up Session

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I went to the mall yesterday to meet SIL and her daughter.  Going up the 2nd level, a girl handed me a flyer along with an Ascof capsule.  Oh yeah! I remember, its the Ascof Lagundi event at SM Calamba for the "Search for Natural Super Mom". The event was on the 3rd level so while waiting for SIL to come, I decided to just go there and see what's happening.

There are lots of people inside the event area, and there are several booths giving out free services and some freebies.  One of them is the Ystilo Salon providing free hair and make-up session to event participants.  Oh, I like that, its been a long time since I had a full make-up and I think I wanna try it.

Got a message from SIL, that she had come, I replied to her to just come up and attend the event as well.  So then we lined up at Ystilo Salon, along with other ladies for our hair and make-up session which is for free. Who doesn't want freebies?

And this is the result of our cum make-over.

My little boy Ivan said, "mommy danda".  
I love him so much because he appreciates all my effort.

 This is my SIL, Panting with her beautiful daughter Faye.

OK, so I wanna say, "thank you Ystilo Salon and Ascof".

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  1. Wow..8) sis I can't find your WBFC for the past week so I'm commenting here. 8)