Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nutrition Month

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I just would like to share my son's participation in their school program in celebration of the Nutrition Month.
They were suppose to have a parade around the village showing off their hand-carried healthy and nutritious food items.  My son was assigned to bring GO foods, carbohydrates that is, so I put a loaf of bread in his basket. 
But the rain poured heavily even before we were able to begin the parade, so instead of doing the parade, all parents and students and school staff headed to the village covered court for the program.

The Nursery pupils performed a dance number.  I was so proud of my son, the very first time he did this and not shy at all.  He is actually the smallest and youngest kid in their class.

 The program highlight is the awarding of certificates to contest winners.  I was so surprised my son won two categories.  He got 3rd place in the "Nutrition Quiz Bee" and 2nd place for "Coloring Contest".  Not bad for 3y old like him, huh!

And yeah! he posed with the Jollibee mascot along with his classmates, sharing his own excitement. 

The teachers actually had a bit difficulty controlling the kids when Jollibee come out and did his dance number on stage.  More so, when he went down for the meet and greet with the kids.  The principal took over ha!ha! and everyone had their share of the photo moments with the mascot.
When we reached home, Ivan told me to take some more pictures to show off for his daddy.
We love you baby Ivan, Daddy and Mommy are so proud of you. Be a good kid always.

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