Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

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We begin the day by attending morning mass at the Calamba Cathedral.  There are many people attending the Easter mass, the church is already full inside and some just managed to listen to the mass outside.  I did not take photos of the people inside the church but outside, this is the scenery.
Kit (baby rabbit) for sale
A pair costs P280.0, was it cheaper compare to the price at pet shops?

There is the usual balloon vendor (I wonder, I didn't saw round balloons today, mostly are the ones printed with "angry bird"); candle vendors; little maya (he!he! I am not sure if its really maya, but its a small brown bird); the traffic enforcer taking some rest within the shade.  The sun is all up high and yeah! its terribly hot yesterday.

Afterwhich, we went to SM Calamba to check-out their Easter Day event.  I signed-up Ivan so he can join their activity but I decided not to later because I was kinda disappointed with their event mechanics.

Anyway, Ivan at least had this photo op with one of their Easter bunnies;

and color his bunny picture.  The crayons were collected back later, so funny! maybe they'll re-use it on another occasion (oh! this is not the cause of my rant).

We just moved to Waltermart to join the activity there.

The Waltermart activity this time was hosted by Jollibee.  As you sign-up for the event, you'll be given this access ticket.

There were lots of kids today, I think they mentioned they are allowing at least 100 kids to join the activity.  The Waltermart events as to my experience are more organized and less hassled as compared to SM Calamba.  We used to attend here the Easter and Trick or Treat Activities.  Being organized I think, depends on the person in-charge.  Waltermart always have simple rules to follow and they strictly follow and implement what was announced. Yesterday my disappointment with the SM Calamba activity was with the person in-charge.  I think he was just so inconsistent and kinda "stupid" (my apologies for the term, but that's how I felt).  I knew it might be a petty matter but my heart goes to my child's frustration.

Anyway, the program began with the day's prayer.  I was kind of amazed because Ivan volunteered to do the opening prayer.  When the Jollibee host/staff asked "who want's to lead the prayer?" he's the only one who raised hand. To my surprised, I forgot to take picture of him while praying.  He say the prayer they usually do in nursery school. 

 Next is the warm-up exercise led by Jollibee mascot.  And then there were different games for the kids. Ivan and Ymanne (my niece) joined "The Boat is Sinking", however they didn't win. At least, they have participated ha!ha! 

After several games, next is the egg painting activity.  Each kid was given a "chalk egg", a paintbrush and sets of water colors in red, blue, yellow and white.  Only now I realized those are "angry bird" colors.  I should have helped Ivan did an "angry bird" design.  Anyway, I am not a career stage mom, I let him do what he wants.

Kids are all busy painting their eggs
 Staff from Jollibee Waltermart selected the winners for the egg painting activity. My kids' eggs were not selected, but for me they are winners.  I am proud of their creations.

A final dance with the Jollibee mascot.  Ivan was all delighted joking with the mascot.  A year ago, he won't go near anyone. But now he likes them already, especially Jollibee.

Thank you Waltermart Calamba and Jollibee. We had great fun!!!

 What about you, how was your Easter Day celebration?

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  1. wow! at least Ivan & Ymanne enjoyed the easter celebration i guess. Chloe participated in the yearly egg hunting organized in our village. But to my dissapointment...she was shy to hunt the eggs and Mama (me) had to do the job. But she was very happy about the price coz she got a set of different music instruments. I hope next year a better one for her! Cheers to our kids!!!!

    1. Cheers to us and them! thanks for dropping-by sis. So glad that Chloe at least was happy with the gift she got. Ivan was super enjoy 'coz it was just like a Jollibee party. Take note, he's the only who volunteered to do the opening prayer.

  2. Glad you had fun-filled Easter and that your son volunteered to do the opening prayer. Sayang di mo nakuhanan ng picture. hehe.

  3. Buti ka pa, nakapag post ka na ng Lenten 2012 mo.. Ako hindi pa. Hehe. But i also brought my lil sister sa SM Megamall and had her experienced the face painting and egg painting. Basta madaming colors, kids will surely love it. :-)

  4. Easter Sunday is well-celebrated in your place. I'm referring to the kids who are enjoying their Easter Sunday activities. I believe this one of the wholesome activities a family should have in celebrating the resurrection of the Lord. Everyone should be happy. Nice feature!