Friday, April 6, 2012

Hot Wheels from Kiddie Meals

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As with the other kids, my son Ivan likes toys, toys . . . toys.  They are everywhere around the house.  Sometimes I actually tipped on them, ouch! 

I seldom buy him toys that come along with Jollibee Kiddie Meals because I think its of poorer quality and I really don't find them attractive or unique enough.  But I think this one is an exception.  When Ivan told me he wants a toy to come along with his chicken meal, I said "yes" to him.

This one I find cute and its from Hot Wheels.

Battle Bumpers
They call it the Reverb Sound Speeder.  You just need to push the car and let it go.  It also has a side wing accessory for a meaner look.

The car instantly transforms into battle mode when it hits something.  See that missile thing on top of the hood? Yeah it opens up and if you want to close it, just press it down.

Well, all his other toys are from McDonalds Happy Meals. I keep on tracking where they are because I would like to have a collection for keepsake, hopefully!

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  1. I don't like also their quality of their toys, good that they have imported that hotwheels known brand in Toy's Kingdom, I think the lowest price is Php 99

  2. same here, i prefer mcdo toys than jolibbe :)

    kids these days really do need to have a lot of toys. i don't know why. my little kid is the same.

  3. oh, find ur url vis fbu. hope u could pay me a visit sometime :)

  4. My kids prefer the McDonalds toys though. :)

    1. agree Ms. Ro, thanks for dropping-by :)

  5. Bought some of their toys and the quality is not really good!