Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Want to Own a Salon

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Have you ever had the desire to own  a business?  Well for me, I've longed wanted to own a "party needs" shop because I really like to organize kiddie parties.  Out of my own limited budget I was able to make a simple party for my little boy.

Other than a "party needs" shop, I wanted to own a salon, yes! a beauty salon specifically.  Why a beauty salon? well for one, just like a food business, this is a type of business that never goes out-of-style. Just as we need food daily, we need beautification every now and then, especially for us ladies.  Our hair grows everyday and almost monthly, we need to go to a salon for a routine hair trim.  Regularly we also need manicure and pedicure even for a housemaker like me, I always wanted myself to be presentable, thus I do make a regular trip to the salon.  It used to be that other than regular hair cut, hair color and hot hoil, salon services now include hair treatments such as rebonding, spa, hair reborn, among many other types of services you can usually see from a salon menu.

Now that many established businesses are offering franchises, given enough finances, since I wanted a salon business, one of those I am considering is to franchise a Mary Pauline Salon.  Other than this business is owned by someone I personally knew, they are offering very attractive and affordable franchise packages for an entrepreneur-wannabe like me.

Mary Pauline Salon offers Three Franchise Packages:

PhP 250,000 Package:

Inclusive of the following:

  • hiring and training of salon personnel which includes senior hair stylists, junior nail technicians, manager/receptionist/inventory clerk
  • management training
  • accounting, payroll and commission system
  • operations manual
  • follow-up training of employees every 6 months
  • help in site location and design
  • advertising and promotions
PhP500,000 Package:
  • inclusive of everything from the P250k package
  • plus: salon equipment which includes 6 hydraulic chairs, 1 shampoo chair and bowl, 1 steamer, 2 hair blowers, 2 hair irons, 2 footspa machines, 50 pcs towels, hair products worth ten thousand pesos
PhP1,000,000 Package
  • inclusive of everything from the P500k package
  • plus: cutting capes, manicure sets, aprons, hair clippers, brushes, hair clips and other salon miscellaneous
  • additional "Salon Construction"
  • L'Oreal and Davines hair treatment and hair colors and additional Tigi over the counter products.

The Mary Pauline Salon is also known as the "Celebrity Salon" serving several local stars. Since the business is already popular, there will be no difficulty introducing it to any prospective area.

For more inquires on how to own a Mary Pauline Salon, you may call telephone numbers (02)218-4842 or 09156053815 and look for Miss Pauline herself.

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  1. Me too I want to own one so that I can have a free nail and foot spa:)

  2. Congrats to the owner. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Owning a salon is one of my Dad's dream for me. He believe that it is a profitable business. But according to him, I need to learn some skills like hair cutting so that whenever the hair stylist is not around I can still operate the business.Reasonable business package from Mary Pauline Salon

  4. we have this joke in our office that for women, it is okay to starve themselves as long as their hair is rebonded. this implies that Food and Bev industry is a neccesity yes. but, in this super exposed world, nobody wanted to feel ugly.. so congrats to this salon. it will have great revenue! :)

  5. Salon has been booming in the Philippines since time immemorial. Well, that means Filipinos are beauty conscious if you must agree. Congrats to the owner on the new business!

  6. Wow, that's good for people who wanted to own his/her own salon. :D

  7. i wanted to own a restaurant but that is way expensive for me :-) they say if you really want to prosper do your own business and be your own boss..

    thanks for this share.. it is an inspiration..

  8. I DO want to own a shop. Doesn't really have to be a beauty/party supplies shop, but I'd wanna meet new people who come in my shop to look around. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Cool! I want to own a business, too. Something online, perhaps...

  10. Owning a salon does have its advantage. Ensuring the owners'regular beauty needs for one...

  11. It's a good business! Salon is one of the best business anyone can invest with.