Saturday, August 18, 2012

Let’s join Chef Lau’s Dinner Party!

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I am so excited today, because when I opened my inbox I got a message from Nuffnang, its all about a contest mechanics on how to join an exclusive invite party that Chef Rolando Laudico together with Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief (CSPR) will going to have.

Chef Lau as he is more popularly known is one of the Philippines' top culinary personalities.  I do admire him for his skills especially how he was able to fuse international cuisines with our very own Filipino recipes resulting to a better tasting dishes that suited our local lifestyle and preferences.

As I always described myself, "I know how to cook but I am not a good cook", so there's the real frustration in me to still learn how to cook dishes that my family will surely love.  Therefore I make it a point that I attend cooking demonstration alongside with my little boy whom I can see some culinary liking at a young age, for now he is getting keen on watching cooking shows on TV and on the internet.  

Wow! that's why I wanted to be part of this dinner party.  Not only Chef Lau will gonna share his expertise.  Accordingly, there is more to enjoy, that is how to celebrate and enjoy freedom from tooth sensitivity.  Thanks to Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief.  Now we can truly enjoy any food, from hot to cold, sweet to some acidic ones without worrying about "pangingilo".  

For many years, me and my own family trusted only one brand of toothpaste and I grew up knowing there's only Colgate to take care of me and my family's health.  So thank you Colgate for always being there, you're like an angel who's keeping a watch on us.

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