Thursday, August 23, 2012


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I would like to help a friend and her group in their desire to reach out to the less-privileged children of Negros.

During her daughter's recent birthday party, instead of accepting gifts, she chose to request the guests to donate sets of slippers which in turn were to be given to these children in Negros.

Some of the set of slippers that were collected during baby Ruthie's birthday

I am glad that the sets of slippers I have donated for Ruthie's birthday are now being enjoyed by these children.

So for those of you with a good heart, I am encouraging you to join this cause.  You may get in touch with Ms. Mary Pauline Suson Danga-Obias at 091-51519978 or e-mail her at  Sharing is not only during Christmas time, but rather any time of the year.

Thank you my dear readers.

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  1. Your friend has a good heart. I wish more people would donate for this cause.

  2. How nice of the birthday celebrant to share and not just receive gifts. :)