Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mommy & Me Day with Sky Fun Club

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Spent a wonderful afternoon with the Sky Fun Club together with other mommies and kids at the Market Market Activity Center last Saturday (March 19).

The Sky Fun Club is an exclusive kiddie club for loyal Sky Cable subscribers. This year's theme is all about One Big L.E.A.P - Learn, Explore, Adventure, Play!

There were different booths that moms and kids get to participate and enjoy.

The Enervon "Shoot the Disease" booth, a real winner among the kids

My little boy Ivan taking his turn to shoot at the Enervon booth.  I think he queued up several times because he truly enjoyed this one which is similar to the popular "Angry Bird" online game.

A sumptuous treat from Classic Cravings Catering.  They likewise showcased a very nice set-up with those what looks like mini-lamp posts with tea candle inside.

Ivan was so delighted when he was able to scoop the fish from the big marble bowl.  But I felt pity for those fishes, I think they were so stressed out.  I wonder if they were able to last all afternoon.  Anyway, I find this game good enough for the kids because it tests their patience, going after the fishes is a difficult task.

There were also onstage kid's activities and games.  Sadly Ivan was not able to participate as only bigger kids get chosen.  By the way, the program was hosted by Model Mom Jada Hidalgo Pangan of Wave 89.1 and the cutesy DJ Lambert of Jam 88.3

Thank you Sky Fun Club.  Hope to be able to join you again in the next event.

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  1. bonding with kids, the most treasured moments of all!:)

  2. Hi Gigi, thanks so much for sharing this :)