Wednesday, July 25, 2012

eRizal: The Aim to Revolutionalize Public Education

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I was one of the bloggers who was invited by our very own Laguna 2nd District Board Member Neil Andrew Nocon, for a night of revolution, with the introduction of e-Rizal.

photo courtesy of Larawan@Kape
Laguna aims to revolutionize public education with e-Rizal.

"The idea is to give away the devices in much as the same way books are given to students at the beginning of every school term.  But this time, a tablet will be given to them preloaded with books and other learning materials."

Prototype of the e-Rizal tablet
The Provincial Government of Laguna has built a tablet PC from scratch that it envisions to distribute to public high school students in the province in lieu of books, called the eRizal tablet.

"Call it the local version of the Ipad, the Samsung Galaxy or the Blackberry playbook and other popular tablet devices in the market today, but the local tablet is meant to be Laguna's pride."

Why eRizal as the name of the project?

This is a first-time ever experimental project in Laguna.  As you know, Laguna is the home province of our national hero.  Character formation, that is, what we are trying to draw inspiration from Dr. Jose Rizal, in his diligence in study and let the students emulate his examples in excelling in his studies, thus to contribute his earned knowledge in nation-building. Also call it Revolution.  The project also aims to effect change from the traditional methods in education.

The idea began in Laguna.  According to Laguna Governor George "ER" Ejercito, Laguna could start the "revolution" in "education".  He wanted to light the fire for intellectual excellence of Laguna students.  Besides, the province being the ideal place to inculcate this idea, being both urban and rural. There are industrial complexes and rural farming communities. What's more, the significance of UP Los Banos, organizations like the International Rice Research Institute, SEARCA, APEC TRaining Center for SMEs.  There is full abundance of faculty and the resource - teachers.

Is DepEd in sync with this idea?

"Secretary Luistro has been caught on TV talking about the e-Education when he was asked about K-12.  He knows the awesome potentials of using IT-based methods in changing the landscape of our education sector.  I believe he is "in" with us ont hsi project.  BUT of course, the eRizal project is being piloted in Laguna with the DepEd fully on board."

The Department of Education is fully supporting the project, the Provincial Government of Laguna.  UPLB has also lend its best minds for guidance in the project implementation.  AusAid, in terms of substance and procedurals. From the private sector, Ionics-EMS, one of the locators in Laguna technoparks, will support with the provision of the eRizal tablet.

For more information, visit or contact
or Hon. Neil Andrew N. Nocon,
    Board Member, 2nd District Laguna
    Chairman, Committee on Education
    mobile no. +63922-8773318/19

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