Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tiny Buds Introduces Mommy Power Club

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One of my favorite baby brand Tiny Buds recently introduces the Mommy Power Club during its first sales meet-up last August 24, 2012 at Kenny Roger's Restaurant in Quezon Avenue, Q.C.

How to be a Tiny Buds Mommy Power Member?

Fill-up dealership form and submit documents such as proof of billing (for address verification) and valid ID.  No fees required.  A product flyer/brochure and order form will be provided upon sign-up.

What are the discounts and incentives?

A. Discounting Scheme
Initial order should be made at a minimum of PhP2,000.  Discount will be at 20%.
If the order reaches PhP6,000, discount will be at 30%.
All orders to be picked up at the IMF Office.

B. Incentives.

  • Member gets a gift pack worth PhP1,000 if order reaches PhP10,000 in one month.
  • Member gets a grocery gift certificate worth PhP1,000 and PhP1,000 worth of gift pack if order reaches PhP20,000 worth in one month.
  • Refer-a-friend: Once referral is approved, 5% of the total amount of the initial order will go to the mommy who referred the newbie.


Orders should be placed every Monday from 10am to 4pm and releasing of products in IMF Office will be every Wednesday and Friday at 3pm.


Adopt-a-Seedling with Haribon - Every PhP2,000 worth of products, single or accumulated, from August 1 to December 1, 2012 entitles the customer to adopt-a-seedling which will be under his/her's child's name.  A certificate from Haribon Foundation will be given to signify the adoption.

  • Banner 2' x 3' (P50 - optional)
  • Flyers/Brochure
  • Start-up Kit (Testers, Miniatures) complete set
  • Pricelist

For more details, visit the Tiny Buds Facebook Page or get in touch with me.

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  1. I am not familiar with the brand, probably because i am out of the country for years. Dealership seems to be a good idea, you can earn and at the same time get a lot of benefits and discount.

  2. this is a good opportunity for mums like us

  3. This is an opportunity you can't miss, Ms Gigi. You're so active in participating in events like this.

  4. Wow! This is another opportunity for moms who like to start a small business. Dealership is really a good business to start on.

  5. This is a Loyalty Program and I hope that it captures the heart of its target market. Goodluck to the company!

  6. whew.. ive heard it for the first time the tiny buds.. anyways, thanks for sharing this another money generator? the perfect term? lol.

  7. I haven't heard this brand before but glad that you guys had fun and now enjoying the privileges of being a member of Mommy Power Club. Wish a lot of mommies out there will soon be a member and join this kind of opportunity.

  8. This is such a great opportunity for mothers. I wish these kinds of promotions and clubs were available 14 years ago when I became a mom :)

  9. Dealership especially of good products is always a good business opportunity.

  10. Need to share this with my cousin who like this kind of a product. Thanks po.

  11. Yay, congratulations for this promotion sis. lovely loots.

  12. Replies
    1. Justin, Tiny Buds is a brand of baby products like rice baby powder, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, bottle cleaner. Here's their site http://www.imf-wellness.com/?page_id=133

  13. I've seen this brand with my cousin's baby. I dont have babies yet but will try to check out this brand as i will be attending a christening event soon. :-)