Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let's Move & Let's Love

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One of my mommy-friends is doing an advocate to reach-out to the less-privileged kids of Negros.  She is an army wife and her husband is a batallion commander assigned in one area of Negros province thus she was able to witness the lives of the people in that place.

During her daughter's first birthday last July 2012 she requested her invited guests instead of giving birthday gifts for her daughter, we just donate ten pairs of slippers to be given to her charity cause.  The response was overwhelming as she was able to raise more than 2,000 pair of slippers.

Afterwhich through some photos shared to us, truly we knew we are able to make those kids in Negros happy getting their new pair of slippers. 

In my desire to help her in her advocacy I joined her campaign such in my own little way I'll be able to help as well these kids. I have call on my friends as well and solicit support from them.  In my online mommy group, we are now having monthly campaign to raise pairs of slippers such before Christmas, we can make lots of kids happy again.

Giving can be in a big or little way, whatever manner it was, what 's important is our desire and big heart to share with others what we've got.

Just like the latest offering from United Colors of Benetton Perfumes "Let's Move" and be dynamic just like getting ourselves involved with various activities around.

 . . . and "Let's Love", doing something that we like more and with our full heart.

What about you? how do you "move and love"?

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