Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2012

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I've been into blogging since about a year ago. Initially I blog because I got enthusiasted with online contests and there are some of them who requires blog posts to share their giveaway.

After some months, I came to learned that there is more to blogging than joining giveaways.  I begin to read other blogs and get inspiration from them and at the same time self-educate myself e.g. how to install those blog widgets and applications.  Honestly, it took me time to use the "link" menu.

As I continue to read many different blogs all day long, I would like to share with you my top 10 choices and entry for the 2012 Emerging Influential Blogs.

1. Vivi's Random Ramblings (http://www.vivisrandomramblings.com/) - I like everything she is sharing on her blog especially her photos, they are so amazing and it seems taking me there on the exact location.  With her blog, I was able to travel more.

2. The Urban Walker (http://the-urban-walker.blogspot.com/) - I live in the province, some kilometers away from Metro Manila but I often go to the metro at least once a week.  Her blog is my guide on the know-how's for the latest happening in the metropolis.

3. Filipino Bloggers Worldwide (http://www.filipinobloggersworldwide.com/) - this blog has been essential for me because this is where I read tutorials that are very helpful for a newbie and not so-techie person like me. 

4. The Purple Doll (http://www.thepurpledoll.net/) - Her foodie reviews are just so exciting to read.  It provides me enough information on must-try restos and food, even what's can be found in a simple food stall. It was particularly helpful for a picky eater like me, because even before I went to visit a particular eating place, first I would like to read reviews.

5. Two-sided Perspective (http://www.herbertkikoy.info/) - this blog was likewise helpful to me because it provides me some technical know-how especially all about SEO and to better appreciate social media.

6. Pinoy Pop Culture (http://www.pinoypopculture.com/) - this blog makes me more proud that I am a Filipino.

7. Eccentric Yet Happy (http://www.eccentricyethappy.info/) - her posts are just light and easy to read, a must-read when I just need some time to relax.

8. So Gelleesh (http://www.gelleesh.com/) - I am not a real fashionable person, but maybe a wannabe. I enjoy reading her blog especially when she shares about her make-up and clothings.  She was really able to carry herself well despite being a plus size, the confidence was really there.  she is such an inspiration to her readers.

9. Love Mindanao (http://lovemindanao.blogspot.com/) - this blog makes me more appreciate Mindanao.  His posts are so inspiring for his readers to learn more about Filipino culture like festivals and events from the south.  He likewise shares must-visit places that are so amazing and make me think that I should really have a Mindanao trip soon.

10. Pinay Thrillseeker (http://www.pinaythrillseeker.com/) - I envy her travel escapades, she's a real thrill-seeker.  Her love for travel and adventure can obviously be observed from her photos, her whereabouts and the situations she needs to braved.

That's it, these are my Top 10 personal choices.  Hoping all or even one of them can brag the award.

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  1. Thank you so much for including my blog in this list. ^_^

  2. Great choices! I'm following 3 blogs out of your awesome list. Hopefully we can be as influential as they are someday! ^◡^


  3. Hi Gigi,
    Thanks a lot for considering The Urban Walker in your fantastic list. Rest assured I will be more diligent in delivering metro related information for your possible reference. BTW, I'm a guy :)

    1. wahahah! my apologies . . . yeah I will keep on reading your blog

  4. Hi Gigi. This is to mark your entry as complete. Kindly advise if you will avail of your free slot in the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit. Thank you!

  5. Your post is great to read. I was wondering why if you have tried eating food at Plato Wraps and what other stuffs to eat there?

  6. Thank you mommy for including FBW.

  7. Thank you Gigi for including my blog on your list! :)

  8. Hello Mommy Gigi, it was nice to meet you po kanina. Just joined you via GFC to keep connected. I will upload our photo soon. Thank you po ulit and happy blogging.:)

  9. And finally, you nomination is one of the reasons why my blog made it to the winners' list :) Once again, thank you po. Nice meeting you :)

  10. Thanks for these links. I know a few of them but I'll check the rest out. :)

  11. now ko lang eto nakita, nakakataba naman ng puso.. ;) thank you for considering my blog! kahit hindi ako nakapasok I'm happy pa din that I got nominated. thank you!