Thursday, September 1, 2011

Buwan ng Wika at Smart Kids

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Agosto was "Buwan ng Wika" and it had been celebrated here in the Philippines mostly by different schools.  My son who is in nursery level had his first experience of this event.

It was a week-long activity for them.  Each day, beginning Monday of the last week of August the school held various contests and activities participated in by the pupils from all levels.

Friday was the culminating day of these activities.  It was started with a mini-parade within the village premises (Ivan's school is just within our village and mostly the students are from the neighborhood).  The pupils walked around wearing their respective Philippine costumes.  My son was just as excited, he walked on his own and saved Mommy Giay from carrying him. 

After the tiring foot parade, we headed to the covered court for the program proper, that's the awarding of certificates and presentation.

See how behaved are the nursery kids? while waiting for their turn to dance.

The nursery level were the first one who presented their "itik-itik" dance.  Ivan liked this performance so much.  Even during their practices, he's very cooperative with his teacher and really learned the dance steps.

Ivan won again in the Coloring Contest (Third Place).  I did not expect him to win in the Declamation and Singing Contest because he can't really pronounced well yet those Tagalog words, the teacher asked them to memorize.  At age 3, he is still "bulol".
Some of the behind the scenes.

Congrats kids, you are all very good.
Thank you baby Ivan for always making Daddy and Mommy so proud of you.

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