Monday, September 26, 2011

Rainy Monday Morning

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Ok, so we are on week#39 now and monday isn't so good because it is raining.  According to the news another thypoon is up again, need to check how many thypoons have visited Philippines so far.
taken last year, my little boy (smallest) and his friends enjoying the rain

Anyway to make it up for the gloomy mood, received good news via my inbox, "I won in an online contest again" woohoo!

I was also finalizing my decision, I have a new blog which I don't know how to set-up, so someone will do it for me for a minimal fee. She is such a dearest in the group, well recommended so I am taking her services.

I am also about to work on a new online job just awaiting final approval of my schedule.

Well, it will be a busy week for me I think.

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