Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Thousand Postcards for Donna

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Donna is currently suffering from cancer.  She lays in bed most of the times because she feel too tired even just to sit up.  Amidst her condition, she has a good fighting spirit and a positive attitude with a prayer that someday God will just take away the affliction and the happy Donna will be back at her old self again.

To help her our out, her friend since grade school initiated this project A Thousand Postcards for Donna.   While she is at the phase of recovery, she would like her friend Donna to see the world without necessarily leaving home.  Therefore she asked friends from all over the Philippines and worldwide to send a postcard for Donna.  

I am here helping her out for a simple wish to be granted.  Let us all help bring back a smile to Donna's face by simply sending her a postcard with good wishes too and some words of encouragement.

You can send your postcard to:
#666 Carreon Compound
Quirino Highway
Bagbag, Novaliches, Quezon City
1116 Philippines

Thank you and may we all be able to help Donna enjoy the world again.

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